22 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Starstruck Love - Shion Jonouchi vs. Toma Jonouchi

(Note: This game is currently down. I nevertheless posted this Walkthrough in hope, that Arithmetic someday will make the game availble/playable again.)
(*Note: This story starts with a Shared Route, were you can earn Love Points for either character. However, at a certain point the story will branch, depending on who got more points. So try to stick with one character right from the beginning to earn enough Love Points and to get the Ending you want. If there are no Love Points for him available, try to not raise the other guys Love Points (choose +0 answers)

Shared Route

Chapter 1: My Brothers are Pop-Stars

1.02 It's okay. I don't. (+5 Toma)
Thanks, Shion. (+5 Shion)
Nice to meet you all.

1.07 Why are you ignoring me? (+5 Toma)
Why are you mad?
What's with the attitude?(+0 Shion)

1.10 (I should tell the truth.)
What did it look like to you?
You don't need to worry about us. (+5 Chic - Points)

1.13 I can't compare.(+5 Shion)
Probably. (+0 Toma)
Everyone was about the same.

Chapter 2: A Secret Talk

2.01 I won't be bothering you, will I?
(What should I do...?) (+0 Toma)
Sure, I'd be glad to. (+5 Shion)

2.04 That's my Big Bro! (+5 Shion)
I hope I can hurry and patch things up with Toma. (+5 Toma)
Is it really... okay? (+0)

2.06 Love Route
Needs 15+ Affection -> Toma

2.08 (He praised me!)
There was a person I used to sing with long ago...
It must be because I used to sing with Toma (+5 Chic - Points)

2.11 Please let me go.
I'm sorry for making you worry. (+5 Toma)
Please stop. (+0 Shion)

2.14 Love Route
Needs 20+ Affection -> Shion

Chapter 3: Ryo's Temptation

3.01 (Save me Big Bro!) (+5 Shion)
(Save me Toma!) (+5 Toma)
(Somebody save me!)

You don't have to go that far.
That would be bad. (+0 Toma)
I want to stay with you. (+5 Shion)

3.08 Thanks, Toma. (+5 Toma)
It's nothing to worry about. (+0 Shion)
I'm sorry! I'll get off you right away!

3.09 Love Route
Needs 30+ Affection -> Shion
Love Route
Needs 30+ Affection -> Toma

3.11 I've got to do my best!
I feel tense.
That's me! (+5 Chic - Points)

Chapter 4: I Made this Song for You

4.05 (He doesn't seem himself...) (+0 Toma)
Why are you talking like that?
I don't only talk about him. (+5 Shion)

4.07 You're messing up my hair (+0 Shion)
I'm not a kid!
Thanks... (+5 Toma)

4.08 Love Route
Needs 35+ Affection -> Shion
Love Route
Needs 35+ Affection -> Toma

4.10 Thanks, Toma. (+5 Toma)
I want to be a better talker.
I guess I learned a lot from Shion  (+5 Shion)

4.12 Put me down!
(Try to stay still.)
(My heart's pounding.) (+5 Chic - Points)

Chapter 5: The Nightmare Stalks its Prey

5.01 It depends what it is.
No way! (+0 Toma)
Alright. Sounds good.  (+5 Shion)

5.02 Love Route
Needs 40+ Affection -> Shion -> Get a CG!

5.04 Love Route
Needs 45+ Affection -> Shion

5.07 This is awful!
It's okay. (+5 Toma)
(Why me...?) (+0 Shion)

5.08 Love Route
Needs 45+ Affection -> Toma

5.10 Are you okay, Toma!? (+5 Toma)
What are you doing, Big Bro?  (+5 Shion)
Stop it you two!

5.14 Thanks for the advice! I feel better already. (+5 Chic - Points)
Do you have any advice for me, Karen?
I appreciate your concern.

Chapter 6: A Moment's Rest

6.01 I'm sorry...!
Toma's gonna be mad again. (+5 Toma)
Big Bro' will be sad.  (+5 Shion)

6.03 Love Route
Needs 55+ Affection -> Shion
Love Route
Needs 55+ Affection -> Toma

6.06 You don't have to apologize. (+5 Chic - Points)
It's my fault you're so busy.
I'm really sorry.

6.08 That's a line from the movie, isn't it?  (+5 Shion)
(That sort of came out of the blue...) (+0 Toma)
Uh...? Big... Bro?

6.12 I'm curious so I'll take a bite.
Let's not. (+5 Toma)
Open up and say, "Ah!" (+0 Shion)

Chapter 7: What's in a Kiss?

7.01 Love Route
Needs 60+ Affection -> Toma -> Get a CG!

7.02 What the heck happened today?
Toma's kisses... (+5 Toma)
I'm exhausted. (+0 Shion)

7.03 (What did I do to deserve this?)
(I can't take it anymore...)
(It seems they're just jealous.) (+5 Chic - Points)

7.05 (Your face is so... handsome....)  (+5 Shion)
Ah! Too close! (+0 Toma)
I'm still a little nervous, but...

7.06 Love Route
Needs 65+ Affection -> Shion

7.10 Love Route
Needs 65+ Affection -> Toma

7.14 (It's all due to Shion's support.)  (+5 Shion)
(It's all due to everyone's support.)
(It's all due to Toma's Support.) (+5 Toma)

Chapter 8: The End of the Nightmare

8.01 (Toma...) (+5 Toma)
(Shion...)  (+5 Shion)

8.06 I drove her to it...
So that's the type of person she is. (+5 Chic - Points)
I thought we were friends.

8.11 Mr. Kujo's doing nothing wrong. 
Don't get mad without knowing the situation. (+0 Shion) 
Sorry for making you worry. (+5 Toma)

8.13 I'm sorry to make you worry all the time. (+0 Toma) 
(I miss seeing his face...) (+5 Shion) 
I'm happy to hear your voice.

8.14 Shion -> Go to Shion's Route
Toma -> Go to Toma's Route


Shion's Route

Chapter 9

9.01 (I don't want to stir up any trouble.)
About those pics in the other room...
It's nothing... (+5 Shion)

9.05 I don't know about that...
I think so.
That's right. (+5 Shion)

9.10 I'm glad you came to talk to me.
He's a fan, and we were just talking.
He wasn't hitting on me. (+5 Shion)

9.12 (So that reaction...)
We can't do that.
(I wonder if the secret really is necessary?) (+5 Chic - Points)

9.13  Love Route
Needs 95+ Affection -> Shion

Chapter 10: Scandal

10.01 You shouldn't do that...
(Maybe just a little bit more...)
(I want him to touch me more...) (+5 Shion)

10.04 You're probably right. (+5 Shion)
But I'm a little worried.
That's not the issue.

10.07 (Geez, a whole article...)
(Poor Father...)
(What can you do...?) (+5 Chic - Points)

10.10 (I just have to tough it out.)
(We're so close, yet so far away...) (+5 Shion)
(Nothing can be done about it...)

10.12 Love RouteNeeds 110+ Affection -> Shion

Chapter 11: Growing Feelings

11.01  Love Route
Needs 110+ Affection -> Shion

11.04 We can't...
Maybe for a little.
I want to see you, too.  (+5 Shion)

11.09 (To me, Shion is...) (+5 Shion)
(He's just my brother.)
(Just an overall impression...?)

11.11 I'm going with my brother!
Help me, Shion! (+5 Shion)
Just let me go!

11.12 It's okay now...
That's enough!
Get me out of here! (+5 Chic - Points)


Deep Love End
Needs 125 + Affection Points

Crazed Love End
Needs 55 + Chic - Points

Extreme Love End
If you couldn't get either Ending


Toma's Route

Chapter 9: The Nightmare Returns, Distant Hearts

9.02 (It hurts... Stop it...)
(It hurts, but...)
(I can't resist him...) (+5 Chic - Points)

9.03  Love Route
Needs 80+ Affection -> Toma

9.3 I like you... (+5 Toma)
(How can I answer...?)
I don't know.

9.6 (What should I do?)
You should stop... (+5 Toma)
Thank you...

9.15 (I should go back...)
(I should go for it!)
(But I want to see him.) (+5 Toma)

Chapter 10: A Small Gift

10.01  Love Route
Needs 95+ Affection -> Toma -> Get a CG!

10.02 Why do you say so?
Thank you... (+5 Toma)
Everything's my fault.

10.07 (Could it be from Toma...?) (+5 Toma)
(A present?)
(I'm scared.)

10.11 Even I don't know. 
Toma... is my brother.
You know I... (+5 Toma)

10.14 (He's probably worried too.)
(It's because I wasn't straight with him.) (+5 Chic - Points)

Chapter 11: Trapped in the Nightmare

11.02 (I'm scared!)
(Help me, Toma!) (+5 Toma)
(Maybe if I just don't move...)

11.07 (It's my fault...)
(I knew she was crazy.) (+5 Chic - Points)
(I wanted to trust her.)

11.11 (Someone's come for me.)
(Could it be...?) (+5 Toma)
Help me!

11.13 I knew you'd come...! (+5 Toma)
What took so long?
Thank you.


Deep Love End
Needs 125 + Affection Points

Crazed Love End
Needs 55 + Chic - Points

Extreme Love End
If you couldn't get either Ending

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