30 April, 2014

In Your Arms Tonight - IYAT Season 2 Character Preview

Kazuya Seto
Occupation: Office worker (the same company as Koichi)
Age: 32
Character: perfectionist, he does not bend oneself
Relation: MC's husband
 Fumiatka Nishi
Occupation: Editorial department of the publisher
Age: 35
Character: sadistic and strict
Relation: MC's charge editor
 Shinichiro Ogiwara
Occupation: Professor of psychology
Age: 37
Character: calm and gentle
Relation: professor of university student days
 Shu Mishima
Occupation: Lawyer
Age: 27
Character: gawk and cool
Relation: first love in highschool time
Takeru Ashida
Occupation: Photographer
Age: 29
Character: freewheeling
 Relation: chairman of a club activities club during university time

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