12 July, 2014


Hello Everyone!

I decided to do something for your fun. I'll upload different riddles and games on this page. I hope you enjoy them. If you know some others, or want me to add any, just mail me or add them in the comments.

Search the diffenrences!
There are 10 differences between the two pictures. Can you find them all?

Q: A woman gave birth to two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year but were not twins. How is this possible? 
A: Look at the whole picture of Yasuto's Eternal Love.


  1. In "Shall We Date: The lost Island" why did Shota Todomi have to die?😭😭😝

    1. Don't worry! He didn't die in all stories and since he also had his own Spin off story, I'm sure Solmare will release his Main Route too sooner or later! (I can't wait - he is one of my fav. hehe)