11 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Love + Nobunaga Oda

Main Story

(*Note: To get the Super Happy End, you'll need a Love Potion.)

Chapter 1

1.3 Stay quiet. [Brilliant!]

1.8 Passport Checkpoint: 1 Passport needed

1.9 Saizo. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 2

2.4 Pull away. [Brilliant!]
2.10 Offer yourself instead. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 3

3.1 Charm Level Checkpoint

3.4 Refuse. [Brilliant!]

3.? Passport Checkpoint: 3 Passport needed

3.7 Try a bite. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Chapter 4

4.2 It's pretty interesting. [Brilliant!]

4.7 Refuse him outright. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 5

5.1 Minigame Checkpoint: 25% Success Rate

5.3 I could never do that. [Brilliant!]

5.7 Lord Nobunaga. [Brilliant!]

5.? Passport Checkpoint: 5 Passport needed

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 6

6.5 Yes, until morning... [Brilliant!]

6.9 Charm Level Checkpoint

6.11 I'm going to stay with him. [Brilliant!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 7

7.2 Passport Checkpoint: 5 Passport needed

7.9 Passport Checkpoint: 4 Passport needed

(Get Love Letter, CG)

Super Happy Ending


  1. Why does he and Hanzo only have 6 chapters?

    1. I guess that's because Solmare didn't plan on giving him a own route in the first place. But then he got so popular, that they wrote one for him too. Same with Nobunaga.