03 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin + Sion Iseya

Main Story

(*Note: You'll need a "Ritual Arrow" to get the Sweet Ending. You can get it by buying it with real money, or from the Koban Slot (you need to collect 10 tickets for one Arrow, chance to get = 25%, you get 2 tickets at a time). Also, the Stylish Level might differ from what is written here, depending on how many routes you have played. The one mentioned here is for your first route.)

Chapter 1

1.02 But I'm not...!
Thank you. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

1.08 Get a CG

1.08 I'm not sure if I can do that. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 2

2.01 I'm fine here, really. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Thank you.

2.10 If you just need someone to show you the way...
I'm sorry, I can't. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 3

3.02 You want me to come? [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Of course!

3.03 Stylish Level Checkpoint 
Need Stylish Level at 300

3.08 Thank you.
I don't need it. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 4

4.04 Yes, I'm fine. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

4.11 Get a CG

4.12 Okay...
[Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I'm fine.

Chapter 5

5.01 I think it's just your imagination. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Yeah, maybe you're right.

5.03 Item Checkpoint

Need 6x Purses
I can't accept this! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Thank you.

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 6

6.03 Minigame Checkpoint
33% Success Rate

6.03 Get a CG
6.05 I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, I know him. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

 6.08 That doesn't make me happy. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Thank you.

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 7 

7.06 I'm okay. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!] 
I was so scared.

7.11 Just before... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!] 
That's enough!

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 8

8.03 Stylish Level Checkpoint
 Need Stylish Level at 900
8.04 That's not the problem!
[Intimacy goes up a lot!!] 
Well, I guess you're right...?

 8.12 Yes, I did. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
No, of course not.

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 9

9.03 Minigame Checkpoint
11% Success Rate
9.06 No, it doesn't.

Yeah, I guess... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!] 

9.12 I feel the same way as you, Sion.
It's fine. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get Love Letter)

Chapter 10
10.01 Get a CG

10.02 Item Checkpoint
 Need 12x Purses

10.03 Get a CG
10.13 What you're feeling...
[Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
That's not good!

10.14 I'm sorry... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
There was nothing we could do.

10.15 Get a CG

(Get Love Letter)

Happy Ending:

Stylish Level Checkpoint
Need Stylish Level at 2700

Get Love Letter, get CG

Sweet Ending

Stylish Level Checkpoint
Need Stylish Level at 2700

Get Love Letter, get CG


  1. At the stylish level checkpoint at chapter 8.01, it says here that it needs to ne at 900 to pass on your first route, but this is for me the first route i've done and my stylish level only had to be at 600. I was just pointing it out, for the rest this page has been a great help!

  2. What's the answer for 5.01 because it's not bolded here?

    1. That where the [Intimacy goes up] is written afterwards... So in that case: "I think it's just your imagination."