11 August, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin + Wakasa


Main Story

(*Note: You'll need a "Ritual Arrow" to get the Sweet Ending. You can get it by buying it with real money, or from the Koban Slot (you need to collect 10 tickets for one Arrow, chance to get = 25%, you get 2 tickets at a time). Also, the Stylish Level might differ from what is written here, depending on how many routes you have played. The one mentioned here is for your first route.)

Chapter 1

1.04 Of course! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I'm not sure...

1.07 Get a CG

1.08 I force myself not to.
No, I don't. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 2

2.01 I'd hate to... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
Please stop!

2.06 Stop! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
(What to do...)

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 3

3.01 I enjoy my job! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

3.03 Stylish Level Checkpoint
 Need Stylish Level at 300

3.08 Get a CG

3.08 Huh?
You're mistaken! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 4

4.02 Is that so?
It doesn't seem to be nothing...  [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

4.06  I'm his assistant.
What kind of relationship? [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 5

5.03 Item Checkpoint
 Need 6x Purses

5.03 Is that okay?
Please wait! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

5.08 You really did!
Not really... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 6

6.03 Minigame Checkpoint 
33% Success Rate

6.05 No. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
A little.

6.07 Get a CG

6.12 I don't know...
Okay... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 7

7.04 It's nothing... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

7.14 I don't understand. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I think that's good.

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 8

8.01We're not!
Actually... [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

8.03 Stylish Level Checkpoint
 Need Stylish Level at 900

8.10 I'm fine! [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
I'm sorry...

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 9

9.03 Minigame Checkpoint 
11% Success Rate

9.04 I think you deceived him...
Your expression is so obvious. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

9.07 I did think that. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]
N-No, I don't!

(Get a Love Letter)

Chapter 10

10.01 Get a CG

10.02 Get a CG

10.02 Item Checkpoint 
Need 12x Purses

10.03 But will that work...?
Okay...  [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

10.09 Not yet...
Yes. [Intimacy goes up a lot!!]

10.11 Get a CG

Happy Ending:

11.04 Item Checkpoint  
Need 4x Purses
Get Love Letter, get CG

Sweet Ending

11.04 Item Checkpoint 
Need 7 x Purses

Get Love Letter, get CG


  1. Hi! I had a quick question. Every now and then after get love letter you say get CG in yellow. What does CG mean? ^^"

    1. That's the "Character Graphic" = The Picture you can get if you chose the right answer. ^^

  2. I'm new to ninja assassin so, how do I buy clothes without using slot? :?

  3. Excuse me,please...How can I download this game?

    1. Search for "Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin+" in the game store and you should find it there. ^^