September 23, 2014

Be my Princess 2 - Kevin Alford [Summary]

Main Story

The story starts with MC being invited to Noble Michel Castle because the princes liked her cake that much, that she should deliver some more. Once there, Zain (the III.) invites MC to take a look at a discussion about politics/economy (I couldn't quite understand what it was about). Well during these exclusive lession, a handsome young man started talking with the lector and everyone around him seemed to be very impressed about his way of thinking. Later, when MC wanted to serve her cake to the princes, she accidentaly bumped into the same young man and spilled the hot tea-water all over her.

During that incident, the mysterious guy lost a book and MC took it with her. Luke, a butler who was giving training to the younger butlers, asked MC if she knew him or his name, but unfortunately she couldn't help him.
After that MC went out with her friend, only to meet the guy again. His name was Kevin and he was the bartender of the bar, MC went. He was so popular, that he thought MC would stalk him (haha). 
After MC went home, she met him on the street and to the sturprise of both they found out that they were living in the same house. Once home, MC found the book Kevin lost in the castle and she went to his appartement to return it to him, but the door was slightly open and when MC called out to him, he appeared before her - fresh out of the shower.

The next day MC overslept (because she was thinking about Kevins perfect naked body). In the hallway, MC met with Kevin (again) and he was kind enough to give her a ride on his bike. However, as a Thank-you (and because he said she was peeping on him) Kevin demanded some sweet from MC.

He really liked the sweet because they reminded him of the one his late mother had made for him back home. Later on, Kevin invited MC out.

MC was all flustered an messed up during work, but she enjoyed her date dinner with Kevin, until some suspicious men started to follow them.

They wanted to capture Kevin and MC but just at the right moment some black cars were showing up. Luke came out of one of the cars, telling them to jump in. Inside the car he started crying, because he finally had found his long lost master: Prince Andrew Alford = Kevin.

Of course Kevin is quite shocked, but he already knew he was different from the rest of his folks, and that he was adopted. Meanwhile, they went to Liberty because the man, that were following Kevin, were from the mafia which were having the upperhand in Liberty because the King fell ill after his son went lost, and also the Queen had to return to ther hometown because of the weak health. The curruption and grievances in the country where the original reason, Kevin started to learn politics. He wanted to become a politician in order to guide his country back on the right path. Now, that he would be reconized officially as the heir of the throne, he finally would have the possibilities to proceed as he planned. But first he had to undergo a "prince-training" since he grew up on the countryside. Luke, helped him. The fact that Kevin, finally had returned, especially at such a hard time for Liberty, made Luke as happy as Kevin's biological father.

MC accompanies Kevin during his prince-training but he seems to already know everything, since he learned a lot in order to become a good politician. The only thing he is not good in - is dancing.

Before it will be officially anounced, that Prince Kevin (he insist to keep his commoner name in honor of his adoptive parents) is alive and will take over the leadership of the country, he wants to visite his adoptive-father, Matthew Grant. His father is quite surprised that Kevin is a prince and he feels bad for keeping him when he found him many years ago. With what Kevin already knew from Luke and the explanation of his father, he can finally pick together what happened with him in the past and how he lost his memory from when he was a prince.

There where a very cute scene where the villager thought MC is Kevin's wife and they even asked him to come back next time with a baby, haha. He really is loved by them and he never smiled brighter when he saw all the villagers again.
Well, when MC and Kevin came back to Liberty, Luke told MC that it would now be safe for her to return to Nobel Michel since the mafia originally was only after Kevin. MC is quite shocked (I think she was more shocked about how shocked she was... does that make sense? oO) but she agrees and says she will return after Kevins first official speech.

His speech was quite moving and very appreciated by the people of Liberty. They finally started to hope of a better future, with Kevin as their leader.
Anyway, when Kevin found out, that MC would return home, he was a little taken aback, but he understood that she has her own dream to follow after. He accomanied her to the haven, where a ship brought her home. While seeing Kevin vanishing out of her view, MC FINALLY understood that she is in love with him.

Back home MC tried to live her normal daily life without Kevin. Meanwhile her brownies have become a great success and then one day when she stood behind the counter, Kevin appeared. He was in Nobel Michel because of some conference and made some time in his scedule to meet MC. They had a nice time together, but then he had to return to the castle. MC was sad, but then...

... Kevin asked her to return with him to Liberty because of her brownies? (Hmmm... I've hear that before. Wasn't it the same with Takao when he asked MC to return back home because he had bought too many vegetables - instead of just saying "I Love You"- MEN!) Well MC agreed but then she sees how he struggled with all the work he had to do. He wanted to introduce a new law which would wipe out the mafia in Liberty, but most of the politicians were either corrupt, afraid of the mafia/of the change or were used to how it was until now and didn't wanted to change a thing. He was stuck with what to do and MC suggested to take a break and they went to Kevin's village, just in time for the harvest festival. 
Because of certain mishaps, the village was not able to celebrate the festival with vine, like they used to. Suddenly MC suggested to make vine-brownies and she saved the festival this way. Kevin was really happy when he saw his villagers happy too, and suddenly he...

...kissed MC. But the next moment some of the mafia-men appeared and they had to escape and although it looked really bad for them for a moment, they could reach Liberty Manse unharmed...

... and just in time for the last meeting where Kevin could make pass his law against the mafia. His experience with MC in the village gave him a better understanding on how he could be a better leader. He saw, that until now, he just wanted everyone to follow his lead, but never thought about seeing everything from their point of view. Like MC who also let the unexperienced children help with making the brownies, Kevin asked for the help of everyone an finally they agreed.
MC was so happy but then she overheared some maids talking about Kevin's private future and how he will probably be married to an educated noble girl and MC would just kind of dragging him down since she is only an ordinary commoner.
MC was totally heartbroken because she agreed to them and so when Kevin tried to kiss her, she refused him rather harsh, which made him angry (and hurt of course).
Then the Succession Ceremony should be held, and during the official press conference one of the remaining mafia gangsters shoot a Kevin.

The whole invited people went crazy from fear and didn't seemed to calm down, even after the shooter was caught. But Kevin calmed them down, telling them that he was unharmed. And then he shocked everyone (especially MC) with his kiss love declaration in front of the whole audiance.

Later on there was a ball where also the other princes came to congratulated Kevin.

During the ball Kevin whispered in MC's ear, inviting her to his room.

Of course MC went, although she was super nervous.

Well they remember what happened until now and Kevin suddenly just stated that since they are officially a couple now they didn't had to "hold" back" any longer. Well they made love and the next day the woke up together and were so happy that Kevin made MC call him "Kev" (seriously?). They laughed and were never happier then in this moment.


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