08 September, 2014

[Walkthrough] Vampire Darling - Walkthrough for ALL Characters

(*Note: This is the complete Walkthrough which you can use for all characters, since you can't really choose a certain character. The basis storyline is the same for all characters and is only different depending on the answers you give. You have to accumulate a certain amount of points to get to the Ending you want, with the character you want, which are:
Clay Good End/Bad End
Shirou Good End/Bad End
Lau Good End/Bad End
Human End
Vampire End )

Main Story

Chapter 1: Vampire of Darkness

1.8 I'm fine.. thank you. (Clay +5)
I'm sorry. (Vampire +5)
.... (Human +5)

1.9 Special Scenario: needs Clay Affection + 5

1.11 I think it's a good thing. (Clay +5)
I don't really know. (Vampire +5)
I don't think it's a good thing. (Human +5)

1.13 Get CG - needs Clay Affection + 10

1.13 Take his neck. (Vampire +5)
Take his wrist. (Clay +5)
Refuse. (Human +5)

Chapter 2: From the past to the future

2.6 I'm fine.  (Human +5)
I want to do as much as I can do. (Shirou +5)
Don't you believe in me? (Clay +5)

2.10 You are. (Shirou +5)
I can't compare you two. (Clay +5)
I'm a vampire, so...  (Vampire +5)

2.13 Clay, this is wrong! (Clay +5)
Shirou, no! (Shirou +5)
Calm down, both of you! (Vampire +5)

Chapter 3: Confused emotions

3.2 I'd come save you. (Shirou +5)
I don't know... (Human +5)
There's no way you would get caught! (Vampire +5)

3.8 Yes, please. (Human +5)
No, that's okay. (Lau +5)
What should I do..? (Vampire +5)

3.14 Resist. (Vampire +5)
Be at his mercy. (Human +5)
Call for help. (Lau +5)

3.15 Get CG - needs Lau Affection +10

3.15 You want to attack the clan… (Clay +5)
I don’t care. (Vampire +5)
Don’t ask me. (Lau +5)

Chapter 4: I want to fall in love

4.2 The vampire side. (Clay +5)
I can't choose. (Human +5)
The werewolf side. (Shirou +5)

4.7 Get CG - needs Human Affection +40

4.9 They're scary...  (Vampire +5)
Maybe they're afraid? (Human +5)
Aren't they're invincible?  (Lau +5)

4.12 Please, let us go. (Human +5)
 Please, just let Shirou go. (Shirou  +5)
If that's my fate... (Lau  +5)

4.15 Invite him in. (Vampire +5)
 End the conversation.  (Human +5)
 What should I do... Shirou isn't here.  (Shirou +5)

Chapter 5: Rabbits bride

 5.9 You've got to be joking. (Lau +5)
 Silently glare at him. (Shirou +5)
 Maybe I can use him? (Clay +5)

Maybe there is. (Shirou +5)
 Not really... (Human +5)
 I don't have to tell you. (Clay  +5)

Ask about Hunters. (Lau +5)
Ask about vampires. (Human +5)

Stop Lau. (Lau +5)
 Stop Yuji. (Human +5)
Maybe it's better to leave them alone. (Vampire +5)

Chapter 6: Sweet Poison 

6.4 Sure, sure. (Shirou +3)
Don't say stupid things. (Shirou +5)
Stop fooling around. (Shirou +0)

6.10 Look into his sleeping face. (Clay +3)
Pull a prank. (Clay +0)
Wait around. (Clay +5)

6.11 Special Scenario: needs Clay Affection + 55

6.13 Maybe it was better this way. (Human +5)
Let Clay get his way. (Clay +5)
Resist. (Vampire +5)

6.13  Get CG - needs Clay Affection +55

6.17 I wonder... (Human +1)
I threw it away. (Vampire +5)
I don't know. (Human +5)

6.20 I don't like it. (Human +5)
Should I say I like it? (Vampire +5)
I don't know. (No Affection)

Chapter 7: Secrets

 7.07  I don't know. (Vampire +5)
That's fine. (Human +5)
I don't want to die. (Lau +5)

7.11 Pretend I have no idea.  (Human +5)
If I have to, I can call Shirou... (Shirou +5)
As a member of the clan, he has to deal with this calmly. (Clay +5)

7.13 Obediently take his hand. (Human +5)
I don't want to go.  (Vampire +5)
Come to MY house.  (Vampire +3)

7.15 Throw up. (Vampire +1)
Drink the rest.  (Vampire +5)

Chapter 8: People who Use, People who are Used

8.3 It'd be the same.  (Shirou +5)
If it was Clay...  (Clay +5)
There's Lau...  (Lau +5)

8.4 Special Scenario: needs Shirou Affection + 60

8.7 Call out his name. (Lau +3)
Don't call out his name. (Lau +1)
Just hold him(Lau +5)

8.7 Get CG - needs Lau Affection + 55

8.14 I won't become an assassin.  (Vampire +5)
I want him to understand.  (Human +5)
I won't help you.  (Human +1)

8.15 Special Scenario: needs Human Affection + 105

Chapter 9: A Frightening Person

9.5 Don't be angry! (Clay +5)
I'm sorry... (Clay +3)
You're annoyed... right? (Clay +1)

9.6 Special Scenario: needs Clay Affection + 75

9.9 There's no way. (Shirou +5)
I guess so? (Lau +5)
It's not that I'm attracted to humans... (Clay +5)

9.15 It's in five days. (Lau +3)
I can't tell you. (Lau +5)
Don't do anthing rash. (Lau +1)

Chapter 10: A Bastard's Apology

10.5 Why are you here? (Human +5)
Don't call me cute. (Vampire +5)
 Don't make fun of me. (Human +1)

Special Scenario: needs Human Affection + 110

10.9 Look for Clay and Shirou. (Clay +5)
 Look for Alessio. (Human +5)
 Look for Lau. (Lau +5) 
10.14 The one he's been eagerly waiting for shouted. (Clay +5) 
A familiar voice shouted. (Shirou +5) 
A voice he didn't want to hear shouted. (Lau +5)

Chapter 11: 2 Year Reunion

11.7 Get CG - needs Shirou Affection + 70

11.7 No, I was fine. (Shirou +5)
Yes, I was lonely. (Shirou +1)
I wanted to see you. (Shirou +3)

11.8  Special Scenarioneeds Shirou Affection + 75

11.14 I'm a vampire. (Vampire +5)
There is no way I can become human. (Vampire +3)
If I could become human...(Human +5)

11.15 You have nothing to tell me.  (no affection)
Tell me the truth, if you want to. (Vampire +5)
What is it that you know? (Vampire +1)

11.15 Get CG - needs Vampire Affection + 105

Chapter 12: His smell

12.6 I was too busy hiding... (no affection)
Maybe I was. (Human +5)
Don't say things like that. (Vampire +5)

12.7 Special Scenarioneeds Human Affection + 120

12.10 I've never though about it. (Human +5)
I'm not in the position to decide. (no affection)
That's stupid. (Vampire +5)

12.12 Lau. (Lau +1)
Tien. (Lau +5)
I can't call him by his name. (Lau +3)

12.13 Special Scenario: needs Lau Affection + 80

12.15 Of course not! (Lau +1)
They would understand. (Lau +5)
Silently embrace Lau. (Lau +3)

Chapter 13: A Rabbit's Support

13.3 A vampire? (Clay +5)
I'm human. (Human +5)

  13.4 Special Scenario: needs Clay Affection +95

13.7 Of course you're the most important. (Clay +3)
Clay, your so cute. (Clay +5)
Don't say such a childish thing. (Clay +1)

13.11 I think it's okay. (Clay +3)
Don't expect much... (Clay +1)
What do you mean you don't like it? (Clay +5)

Chapter 14: A Charm

14.4  Get CG - needs Lau Affection + 85

Normal Route 

Touch my neck. (Lau +3)
Hold my hand. (no affection)
Put your hand on my chest... (Lau +5)

Special Route

Blood. (Lau +1)
Touch the lips. (no affection)
Is there something else? (Lau +5)

14.11 I'll call you next time.  (Shirou +5)
It has so much energy I'll get a stomachache. (no affection)
Lets make up and be friends again. (Shirou +3)

Chapter 15: Seductive Words

15.3 Get CGneeds Human Affection + 130

15.4 Ask someone you like to do it. (no affection)
I can't make it. (Human +1)
Only if you make me something first. (Human +5)

15.5 Special Scenarioneeds  Human Affection + 135

15.7 That's not the point. (Shirou +3)
He is more important then people who use violence. (no affection)
Why can't you understand how I feel? (Shirou +5)

15.14 ...I want you meet Clay. (Clay +5)
It's not really a big deal... (Human +1)
Don't you have something to say to me? (Human +5)

Chapter 16: I Don't want to be Known

16.4 ...I'll do it if it's on your forehead. (Vampire +1)
Well no problem. (Vampire +5)
Shut up and just wait! (Vampire +0)

16.5 Special Scenario: needs  Vampire Affection + 125

16.7 ...I'm not a kid anymore. (Clay +3)
Stop fooling around with me! (Clay +0)
Please be nice to me. (Clay +5)

16.10 Well, that was true. (Lau +3)
I'm not really sure... (Lau +0)
I don't think it's perfect. (Lau +5)

16.15 He should be human. (Lau +3)
...maybe he's an alien? (Lau +1)
I have no idea. (Lau +5)

Chapter 17: The Exploration Continues

17.8 The one he admired. (Clay +5)
Childhood friends. (Shirou +5)
Someone who sympathized. (Lau +5)

17.9 Special Scenario
- needs  Shirou Affection + 90 or

- needs  Lau Affection + 90 or

- needs  Clay Affection + 115 or
- needs  Human Affection

17.13 I'm a vampire. (Clay +5)
Can I say that I'm a human? (Lau +5)
I don't know, please tell me. (Shirou +5)

  17.14 Special Scenario
-  needs  Vampire Affection + 125 or
-  needs  Human Affection

17.15 No I just want to sleep. (Shirou +0)
Just for a little while. (Shirou +3)
Let's sleep together. (Shirou +5)

Chapter 18: Dreams and Lies

18.5 Is it possible for you to be serious? (Human +5)
I didn't mean that... (Vampire +5)
More or less, yes... (Vampire +1)

18.6 Special Scenario needs  Human Affection +150

 18.9  Get CG - needs Clay Affection +120
18.10 You're so mean. (Clay +1)
...So you still remember that. (Clay +5)
How was it so bad? (Clay +0)

18.11 Special Scenario needs Clay Affection +125

18.13 I mus talk my way out of this. (Vampire +5)
I should run. (Vampire +1)
I won't do his. (Vampire +0)

18.14 And why would we have to do that! (Vampire +1)
Aw, alright. You can kiss me and everything (Vampire +0)
Dont! You're making me more nervous. (Vampire +5)

18.15 Get CG - needs Vampire Affection +140

Chapter 19: Hidden Abilities

19.2 Did you want me to flip out? (Vampire +1)
Did you trick me? (Vampire +0)
There's more coming, right? (Vampire +5)

19.10 Felt ill at ease. (Shirou +1)
Could feel the power. (Shirou +3)
Couldn't figure out his true intent. (Shirou +5)

19.11 Special Scenario needs Shirou Affection +100 

19.13 Extend a hand. (Lau +3)
Hold him. (Lau +1)
Start walking. (Lau +5)

Chapter 20: The Story that Starts from Here


20.1 CLAY END needs Clay Affection 125 +

If you didn't got Clay's End:

20.2 SHIROU END needs Shirou Affection 100 +

If you didn't got Clay or Shirou's End:

20.3 LAU END needs Lau Affection 100 +

If you didn't got Clay, Shirou or Lau's End:

20.3 I want to become a human. (Human +10)
I'm afraid of losing something.
I already have what's important to me. (Vampire +10)
20.4 Either:
- HUMAN END: needs Human Affection 150 + or
- VAMPIRE END:  needs Vampire Affection 150 + 


- Clay Bad End: Clay Affection 1 +
- Shirou Bad End: Shirou Affection 1 +
- Lau Bad End: Lau Affection 1 +


  1. Hello i wonder if youre planing to make any brief description of all endings ? Because i tried to look on internet for them and im sad because my end *Clay Bad* was so sad ;....;

    1. Hello there!

      I'm sorry, but currently I'm not playing this game anymore, since I'm full busy with keeping up with the "Shall we date" games. Once I can wriggle it in, I'll start playing it again, but this will be somewhere in the faaaar future. :( Sorry again. Oh, have you looked on tumbler? There are a lot of other players. Maybe one of them could help you! :D
      Good luck and happy playing!


  2. 7.11 3.As a member of the clan, he has to deal with this calmly.(clay +5)

  3. Pft...this game has potential, but also has the annoying tendency to be so disjointed. If you are focusing on one route, you don't see the special scenerios of another...yet the game still pretends like that scenerio happened, leading to a weird lapse in story.

    Then, the game forgets choices you make. I refused to tell Lau anything about when the vampire meeting was happening, but as soon as chapter 10 started up, it claimed I told him everything. Which I didn't. Kind of annoying. <.<

    1. I don't like those lapses in plot either. And I don't like the fact that in order to continue the story,you have to flirt with EVERY single character and raise their affection points even though you already have your favourite character.

    2. me too, i choose i dont want tell lau but the story cont. that i told lau, pls fix this

  4. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if the scenarios I got so far would be deleted when I reset the game. I got Clay good ending so I want to keep all the scenarios.

    1. Hello! I might be really late, but I found a secret on how to save your scenarios! Use data import! In "My page" section is a button named "Import game data", click on it. In there, you will see two other buttons: "Confirm import code/password, change password" and "Start import". First, click on the upper button, create password and send it to yourself (I prefered e.mail, cause you can save it there), with this, you saved all your current data, now you can go and reset. Later, when you have another scenario, or simply want to save you progress or choices, do the same, just change password. If you wish to check your previous scenarios, you have to choose "Start import" button, and copy the code and password from your email.
      But don't forget to send yourself new password before importing data, cause you will lose all your progress. And always change password, cause sometimes code stays the same, and if you also leave the same password, you will save the progress on the previous data, and that way you may lose a scenario.
      Hope it helps! Have fun and don't fear the resets!

    2. If you can't send through email, can't you just wright it down somewhere like a booklet?

  5. I'm damn confused!
    I got Shirou's love up to 78 and in the last Szenario i chose 'I wanna meet Shirou'
    But SOMEHOW this game changed my previous decision from NOT taking the drug to TAKING it???
    WTF? ??
    WHAT IS THIS? ??
    DidI got the damn bad end for Shirou because of this or WHY????

  6. Well...
    Why can't I get out off the charter 7?
    I I mean...everytime I finish the chapter it just restart...over and over...

  7. Thank you so much for your kindness 😊😊😊

  8. Ok so don't get mad but I found some cheats for the game that unlocks everything for zero platinum and I don't know how to use them in game none of the websites that u found the cheats at tell you they just say use them in game like ok but how where do you put them in at

  9. For the special scenario from Clay at chapter 6.11 you need 55 Affection points and not 45. ^^