15 November, 2014

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An era of turmoil. Nobunaga Oda was trying to conquer the world, and to wipe out all "Ninjas".Iga, Koga and Fuma have joined forces in order to fight Nobunaga.
I had been living as the granddaughter of a chief priest at a temple without knowing anything, when, one day, a group of ninjas suddenly appeared in front of me. I hastened back to the temple to ask my grandfather if he knew what was going on, only to find him in deep conversation with a guest.

"Nobunaga is trying to wipe out Iga, Koga, Fuma... and all of the ninjas there"

"I know, Lord Hattori. We have to stop Nobunaga or the future of the ninjas is doomed"

Iga, Koga, Fuma, Hattori... the future of ninjas? What's going on!? My grandfather noticed me and told me that I am the princess who succeeds to the art of Ninjutsu and as the symbol of the pact among Iga, Koga and Fuma. What!?
All of a sudden, the whole place was packed with ninjas. I have to go Iga where the allied ninja are gathering with only one of strong ninjas. Are you serious!? What’s going to become of me? 
Me... a ninja princess!? And, I find a forbidden love


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © NTT Solmare)

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Mature content:★★★☆☆
Art quality:★★★☆☆


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  1. I downloaded this maybe last week but as a free app. At one point it said "buy stories" or "buy ending" (I dont remember which one) but it let me click "Continue story" and it continued without saying anything about payment. Did they make a free one recently or is Android secretly taking my money? Thank you! If its secretly taking money then my parents are gonna kill me

    1. Don't worry. If you downloaded the free game, then it's really free. Just check the name. If it's called "Ninja Love +", then you have the free version. Another way to check are the tickets. How much are you able to read? only 5 Episode a day?
      Of course if that all is not the case, then there should have been a warning, that you have to pay for it and your app store would have asked for your agreement and password (unless you switched that option off).

  2. I blame Munenori entirely, for how much I love Ninja Love. I started with Saizo and wasn't impressed, but then I read Munenori and fell head over heels. MC acts totally different with him, so I ended up loving her too, which made all the difference.

    This was all in the free version though. I want to get the paid, but in your honest opinion, is it worth it? I hope you don't mind, because I don't know who else to ask!

    Is the UI different? I may hate the black bar at the bottom of the free one, but the UI is nearly perfect - simple, legible, mostly black. I found a screenshot of what I'm assuming is the paid UI, and it looks like an opaque, white box with a colorful border, and the speaking character's portrait? Good god, I hope that's not right.

    Are the side stories included? If yes, do you get all of them, or just a few? Can you pick which ones?

    I keep reading the same complaints - it's glitchy, doesn't have super happy endings (what??), having to pay for 2 extra characters (can you not buy individual routes? Would I have to pay $3.99 + $6.99 JUST to get Munenori?) - are these valid, or no longer problems?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but since the app itself isn't free like most other paid versions, I can't check these things out myself. I want to know as much as I can before making a potentially bad investment!

    1. Hi Anon!

      From my point of view, I think the Paid version is worth the money. You can play through all stories (well you have to buy Goemon & Musashi, Rennoshin & Munenori and Hanzo extra) in one go and there even are a lot (12) of side stories you can buy, if you want.
      You can choose which one you want to buy.
      You have to pay for each story individually and they are around $3.99 as well, but they each consist of all 7 characters.

      So, if you buy the game, you get Saizo and Sasuke and Kotaro for $3.99 and the other guys package (2 in one) for $6.99 (I think. I pay in Euro, so the price might be different).

      Ninja Love was one of the first four games of NTT Solmare and they never changed the design for the Paid game (oh and yes, the UI really looks like a white box, you can read some stories on Youtube if you want to check out the design for yourself).

      Hanzo wasn't available for a long time, and only after they released his story for the Free version, they added him, although they still haven't added Nobunaga.

      I hope I could answer your questions and please let me know, if you have any other question or if something is still unclear. ^^


    2. Oh but the stories are the same as the Free ones, so if you're patient enough you can save the money and just play the Free games...

    3. Thank you so much for getting back to me!!

      Sorry to ask more questions, but for the bundle of 2 guys - do you choose which 2 you get, or are they pre-packaged? Also, are the images sharper vs the free one (like how it is in Scarlet Fate)? I'll check it out on youtube to try and get a feel for it, but I know that's not as reliable for that particular question.

      I would really love to get the paid version, and am still tempted to, but damn it... that UI is nearly a deal-breaker for me. My eyes are real sensitive to that kind of thing D: And there's probably not a way to change it, yeah? :/

    4. No problem! ^^ I'm always glad to be of help.

      No, you can't decided on which guy you want to have in the bundle. They are pre-packed: Goemon & Musashi, Rennoshin & Munenori and Hanzo has a own package.

      I didn't notice any difference in the images, but it might be that they are a little sharper, since the paid game is realtively old.

      No, you can't change the UI. All you can change in the option are: edit your profile, language, scroll speed and vibration on & off.

      I know it's a little unnerving, but like I said, it's one of the older games and only because the free verion was received so well, they kept it and didn't delete it like "Konkatsu for Marriage" "Heian Love" and "Actor to be" :(

      So, the only way to change that problem is, to keep playing the free version ;)

    5. Ah, ok. It seemed like that would be the case ^^;

      I really appreciate you laying it all out for me like that though - it's helped me a bunch in my decision making! I'm going to go ahead and go for it and hopefully the UI isn't all that bad.

      I'll also keep playing the free one for the side stories that don't seem to be in the paid one (I believe I read somewhere that they're not all in there).

      Thanks again! ^_^