05 January, 2015

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - Private Winter Harvest Holiday Event - Roberto


Stage 1: A Sudden Call!

~Love Factor Mission~ 
Need 100 LF

 A: I didn't miss you at all.
B: It can't be helped. We're both so busy. (+150 LF)

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 700 LF

A: Spring
B: Autumn (+150 LF)

Stage 2: The Secret Date

~Avatar Mission~
Leopart Print Beret (Charm: 30) - 3000 Cruz / 1 Gem

A: Gluttony (+150 LF)
B: Greed

~Love Factor Mission~ 
Need 2,000 LF

A: Put it on my phone! (+150 LF)
B: Keep it safe in my pocket!

Stage 3: Our First Night Together...?!

~Love Factor Mission~ 
Need 4,000 LF
No peeking, ok?(+150 LF)

Keep pushing them together. (+150 LF)

~Love Factor Mission to get the Secret Happy End~ 
 Need 8,500 LF

Secret Happy End

Stage 4
~Love Factor Mission~ 
Need 7,000 LF

~Love Factor Mission~ 
Need 15,000 LF

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