January 25, 2015

[Walkthrough] Love Letter from Thief X - Hyosuke Kujo

Season 2: Main Story

Episode 1
He's a flirt.
Throw your shoe

Episode 2
Tell him

Episode 3
Of course I did. We're a team!
Persuade him that it's a bad idea

Episode 4
Look for Hyosuke
Ask everyon if it's okay

Episode 5
Cut it out!

Episode 6
I'm a little disappointed...
Ask Hyosuke's advice

Episode 7
Is everything alright?

Episode 8
He's just a coworker.
I'm glad he's safe.

Episode 9
He's not awkward.
I'm worried.

Episode 10
He wouldn't do that!
I can't leave him alone!

Episode 11
He's coming!
It's a secret.

Episode 12
I'm just tired.
Hesitate and think about it

Episode 13
Hug him
Are you cold?

Episode 14
They'll come home.

Episode 15
Push him

Season 2: Sequel

Episode 1
You know that’s not true.
Take it

Episode 2
Leave it up to Hyosuke

Episode 3
We’re dating.
I’ll run away with him.

Episode 4
I’ll forgive him, for now
I’ll be back.

Episode 5
I’ll do it!
Every once in a while is fine...

Episode 6
Hold hands
Let’s get out of here.

Episode 7
Let’s go.
Fight with him

Episode 8
Go with Hyosuke
I agree.

Episode 9
Talk to him

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