22 April, 2015

Charmixy: Witch Academy - Kickstarter

Hello Everyone!

On this page, I want to talk about an awesome new game which is set to be released in October 2016. The name of the game is Charmixy: Witch Academy and is a COMPLETELY FREE puzzle adventure where you can be the witch you always wanted to be!

The games developer is Tess Young and you can support her and her team with this game on her Kickstarter page or you can have a glimpse about it on tumblr!
Now I want to explain a little bit about the game, so you can see how cool it is and maybe afterwards you might consider to donate a few dollars for it!

Thanks in advance and enjoy!

(Unfortunately Tess and her Team couldn't reach the goal of 15,000$ in time. :( I hope she won't give up and that she will accomplish her dream of making this game for real, the next time!)

A COMPLETELY FREE spellbinding puzzle adventure for every witch at heart!

Click HERE to go to the Kickstarter-page.

Charmixy: Witch Academy // Facecam on YouTube by Vixella

Enter a Magic world....

No one from our realm can tell you where Edelwhite Academy is, the premiere school for witches. The only way to get there is to step through a magic mirror, something only witches can do. Yet somehow, you've managed to make it here...does that mean you've got magical powers?
The headmistress finds you and leads you by the hand through this ancient establishment.

"So?" says the headmistress "would you like to stay here and learn to become a witch?"

After spending time at the school, you make lots of friends and go on many adventures. But... something seems off. The hallways are positively humming with mysterious energy. The more you explore and learn about the history of the Edelwhite, you realize dangerous and dark secrets were hidden from the students long ago. Will there be anyone to stop it?

If you want to try the free Alpha Version of this games, click HERE

The gameplay of Charmixy centers around puzzle combat. Two opponents go head to head and attempt to clear each other's victory hearts from the board. By matching up elements on the board, players are able to clear a path to the hearts!  

I challenge you to a magic duel!

There are lots of ways to get better at dueling. In local versus mode, connect with someone else who has the game on their phone and face off against each other. You can win special prizes and points for dueling lots of different friends!
In the single player mode you can challenge fellow students who have their own fighting styles and techniques, or go beneath the school and fight monsters in the dungeon! Unlock new charms and find cool loot this way by battling your way through the game!

In Charmixy, you play as you! Or at least, you play as the witch version of yourself. You can create a custom avatar of any race, any gender (or no gender), and any magical lineage you like! It's important that you feel comfortable with the way you look... just as long as you wear a school uniform, too (don't worry, it's very cute!) 
You're not the only one attending the academy. There are lots of other witches in training learning alongside you who you can befriend, rival, and even romance!

  • A COMPLETELY FREE GAME — support this kickstarter so we can make the game free and accessible for everyone. No, not free to play, totally free. The only way to finish the campaign is with your skill, you can't buy a fast track!
  • local live multiplayer — play live against any of your friends who have the game on their phone
  • develop your dueling style — collect charms that allow you to duel in your own custom way
  • brew potions—make delicious cakes that you can eat to give you a small stat boost in the game
  • customize your character — create a character that looks just the way you want to, any gender, race, or fantastical lineage you like!
  • a complete story — finish the game’s intriguing single player campaign and unlock the secrets of Edelwhite Academy!
  • gorgeous pixel art painstakingly rendered for your eyeball enjoyment
  • a totally rockin' soundtrack by composers Leila Wilson, Kamu, and RJ Quinton!
If you want to try the free Alpha Version of this games, click HERE

We have been working on Charmixy for almost half a year now, and it's such a great game that we want to share it with everyone...for FREE! It's important to us that the game is open and accessible to lots of people. Unfortunately, developing a game costs money, so that's why we're going to Kickstarter. By funding the game's development now, you can make it free for everyone. Don't worry though, we're gonna make it worth your while for backing us! Just check out those rewards on the right!

Cost Breakdown
Our costs are broken down in percentages that go into budgets for each individual department. That way, no matter how much money we earn, everyone's budget increases at the same rate.

  • 50% programming— in California, a good programmer can make over 90,000 dollars a year. Mike "SaltyJustice" Upshall, our BRILLIANT programmer, is fine with a measly 7,500--just enough to make rent. Take it from me folks, that's a steal! We've dedicated the majority of our funds to programming because it's so important.
  • 20% fees, marketing and rewards — there are a lot of backend costs that can get in the way of production. Kickstarter takes a percentage, and app stores charge to put games on their market. We want to be prepared for these and more, so we set aside some money to handle any and all of these costs.
  • 10% on music— three incredible musicians have agreed to make the soundtrack to our game! Their music is crack for our ears. We want to pay our musicians what they deserve for making such excellent audio art!
  • 10% writers— Charmixy has a story and lots of character interactions to make the world feel alive and full of personality. We want to pay our writer Marionette what he needs to do just that!
  • 10% art — "it would be nice if I could die without student debt" -Chicmonster, the game's artist


The base game is awesome, but if we have the funds, we can do so much more to make Charmixy even awesomer! Here's what'll happen if you awesome folks give us more than the intended goal:

-> 20,000 (5000 more than base goal) - classmates who grow with you!

-> 30,000 (twice as much as base goal) - broomsport and animal raising minigames

-> 50,000 (35,000 more than base goal) - Seasonal and Time - Based Events

If you want to know more about the game or the team behind this game, check out their Kickstart - Page or meet them on tumblr. If you want to try the free Alpha Version of this games, click HERE.

Charmixy is a small game, but even small games can have big challenges. These are risks and the plans we have to overcome:

  • The team is small: With a small team any game seems like too great a challenge, but we assure you we aren't biting off more than we can chew! We have worked on many published games and spoken to developers in our situation who have successfully and unsuccessfully fundraised their game. We are experienced developers and we've made ample accommodations for this project to be developed.
  • The game is completely free: The Kickstarter is going to raise money to make the game completely free, but are we really taking into consideration how much money it costs to make a game? Yes. You'll notice that we have budgeted a whopping 20% into production fees that will definitely cover any overhead costs. in addition, we are not offering any physical rewards to backers which often take huge chunks out of the raised funds. Lastly, we have prepared features that in the unlikely even we fall short of money, offers in-app purchases to players that does not interfere with core gameplay at all, such as cosmetic items and side quests.

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