05 July, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Angel or Devil - Feyril

Main Story

Go with the angel.
 I think I want to see a painting...
My hand just moved naturally...
Was she your lover?
Let's go together.
Um, Feyril...?
Pretend to sleep

Force a smile.
Why the amusement park?
It's really long. (For SE: It's beautiful.)
Hesitate. (For SE: Refuse.)
Did you love her? (For SE: What was she like?)
Call out to Feyril.
I'll go to hell with him... (For SE: I'm all right with that.)
 I don't want you to fall into hell... (For SE: I want to be with you...forever.)
Could've... saved her?
See what happens. (For SE: Speak your feelings.)
I want to bring it to heaven.
(For SE: I want to leave it here.)
 Will I be able to see you again?

Happy Ending/ Sweet Ending

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