31 October, 2015

[Walkthrough] Twilight Romance - Albert Blackstone

Main Story

Episode 1
Thank you very much!
This can be our secret.

Epsiode 2
Thank you...
Can't I stay here with you?

Episode 3
Thanks for everything...
Were you looking for me?

Episode 4
Take your time.
Is that so?

Episode 5
You don't have to be sad.
Is it true?

Episode 6
Please tell me!
I want to talk with you...

Episode 7
About the woman you loved...
Please, just grant me this one last wish!

Episode 8
I'm going to school.
Let me go!

Episode 9
Albert is dear to me!
There must have been a reason.

Episode 10
I feel the same way!
Smile back

Episode 11
We hope they find hapiness.
I want to be by your side.

Happy Ending

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