09 February, 2016

[Walkthrough] Twilight Hunters - Reiya

Main Story

Episode 1
Can't think of any. 

Episode 2
Do as he says.
Falter over what to say.

Episode 3
I think I understand what you're saying.
Squeeze his hand back.

Episode 4
Be honest.
Look at Reiya.

Episode 5
Ask him if he's okay.
... apologized.

Episode 6
Tell him that it will be okay.
Let him hold on to it.

Episode 7
Thank Reiya.
Am surprised.

Episode 8
Look at Reiya anxiously.
Can't think of anything.

Episode 9
See if the door would open or not.
Ask for pen and paper.

Episode 10
I prayed for Reiya's safety.
Get the medicine.

From above.
About squeezing back.

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