10 March, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Arabian Dreams - Zia

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for the Walkthrough! Thank you!!)

Main Story

Starlight Night Ending
Ask a merchant
Stop Zia
Tell Zia
Let's not endanger ourselves.
Check inside the bag
I'm fine with either of them.
Be honest and nod
I don't know.
Throw down your sword
What about you?
Tell them
You're always cool to me Zia.
Ask Zia
Fess up
Glare at him
Ask about the room
Rescue Zia


Moonlight Night Ending

Ask a merchant
Stop Farris
Sniff the man's clothes
Of course I will.
Say nothing
Just take the bag.
I vote Zia.
Act tough and swallow it down
It's probably my fault.
Run to him
What about you?
Tell them
Show me your vulnerable side.
Could it be a cipher?
Downplay it
Hide behind Zia
Ask about the room
Look for Ifrit


  1. Um u mad a mistake on the star light ending u don't look at the book then u glear at the grate Roku