July 6, 2016

After School Affairs - Talk Post

Hello everyone!

On this page you can add your own thoughts and opinion to the game.You can write which story you liked the best, what you think about the art style, the story in general and what you're most looking forward in this game.


Rules: (Sorry, but there need to be at least some basic rules)
- Please don't use insulting word.
- Please, NO SPAM!
- Please respect other gamers personal opinion and don't start a fight over their comments.



  1. Do you know when Chiharu Ustumi Main Story will come out in English?

    1. That should be anytime now, since they especially put a survey in the game and all. However, his route won't involve any real romance since he's still underage. I'm not sure, but in the original Japanese version there might be some romance involved, so now it might take some extra time to bend the story in a... different angle.