20 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Midgard Love - Odin

Main Story

Chapter 1
(Why are you so... arrogant!)
That cannot happen!

Chapter 2
Odin, what's going on?
Hey Odin. Why is everyone surprised?

Chapter 3
Um, I hope we get along.
Is Kamui really ar your place?

Chapter 4
What should I look out for...?
No, I want to do what I can.

Chapter 5
 It's not like I forgot.
threw my arms around Odin.

Chapter 6
What do you mean "stink like human"?
Worried, ask Od for help.

Chapter 7
Call out to Odin
Drop my head and stay silent.

Chapter 8
You're wrong. Odin is a good god.
Try talking to him

Chapter 9
I placed my hand softly on Odin's back.
Turn around and make a face at him.

Chapter 10
Loki, Od...
I suddenly felt dizzy.

Chapter 11
Pretend to be fine.
...It's not even worth getting angry at.

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