04 August, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Elemental Prince - Hylie

(*Note: Special Thanks to Seiran for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Episode 1
Thank you.
He caught my attention.

Episode 2
Look away.
Can I meet you again?

Episode 3
Thank you.
I don’t know.

Episode 4
That is the place where my family is.
I envy you, too.

Episode 5
Follow the butterfly.
Who are you?

Episode 6
Keep silent.

Episode 7
Thank him for his advice.
Whether to meet Hylie or not.

Episode 8
(Go to where they are.)

Episode 9
I am sorry that I made you worry.
Shake his hands off.

Episode 10
I want to see you again.

Episode 11
Tell me the way to return!
I want to live with my loved one.

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