09 September, 2016

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Yuta Kajima Season 2

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samantha for this Walkthrough!
If you want to know how to increase your Chemistry, go to the "How to play?" page.)

Season 2: Main Story

Episode 1: Since Then

1.03 Wipe your mouth.
Wipe your cheek (+10)

1.09 Really? (+10)
Maybe we should take it easy. 

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Episode 2: Florist for a Day

2.02 Don't say anything rude.
Everyone's just refraining. (+10)

 2.06 You don't need to go overboard.
Sorry, I know we just got here. (+10)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Home Party Outfit - 650 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal Route: Rabbit Slippers - 3,000 Maris or 300 Coins

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Episode 3: Barbecue with Everyone!?

3.02 I was all right by myself.
Thanks. (+10)

 3.09 Clutch onto Yuta (+10)
Grab Yuta's arm

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Episode 4: Under the Tree

4.03 I'm not sure about just the two of us. (+10)
I have work after this.

4.06 Careful, I might miss my aim.
It's still morning... (+10)

Need 21,000 Wife Points

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Episode 5: Unexpected Love Triangle!?

5.03 I suggested he go to a flower shop. (+10)
We're discussing work.

 5.06 He might be good at acting, too.
That's Yuta for you. (+10)

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Episode 6: Always by my Side...

6.04 S-sorry... (+10)
It's nothing.

6.08 Did something happen?
Are you okay? (+10)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Sports Day Outfit - 1,100 Coins -> Get a CG
Normal Route: Pop Color Watch - 8,000 Maris or 500 Coins

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Episode 7: His and Her Decision

7.02 I'm not sure.
Something simple. (+10)

7.08 I won't be able to support you. (+10)
Will you be fine without me?

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Episode 8: ?

8.03 There must be a way! (+10)
Money isn't everything.

8.06 It's nothing.
I wanted to hear your voice. (+10)

Need 46,000 Wife Points

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Episode 9: ?

9.03 That's an incredible response.
What on earth is happening? (+10)

9.08 I'm sorry.
Don't give up. (+10)

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To get the Super Happy End you need 240 Chemistry.
To get the Happy End you need 200 Chemistry.

Episode 10:
(Super Happy Ending)

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  1. Is there any background as reward for super happy end in Season 2?

    1. Yes, there should be. At least I got one for Ren's Season 2.