13 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Pirates in Love - Thomas

Main Story

Episode 1
Share the bed?

Episode 2
Don't apologize.
What are you looking for?

Episode 3
Touch his face.
How's your jaw?

Episode 4
Fight alongside them

Episode 5
I'm so happy we're working together!
Stop it!

Episode 6
I'd love to.

Episode 7
I'll go, too!
Let's keep going.

Episode 8
Thanks for worrying about me.

Episode 9
No need to apologize.

Episode 10
Looks good on you.

Episode 11
Nothing between me and Leon.

Episode 12
You seem more heroic now.
It's up to you, Thomas.

Episode 13
It's cute.

Episode 14
Look inside treasure box.

Episode 15
I'll be a decoy.
We want to stop the war!


Episode 1
I'd like to get married someday.

Episode 2
World Peace.
I love him.

Episode 3
I'm happy.
Step in

Episode 4
Cheer up.

Episode 5
Let go of me.
Give it to Thomas

Episode 6
Thank you.
Hold it.

Episode 7
Thomas is not a boy!
Take a look

Episode 8
I don't care.
It was mine.

Episode 9
Help Thomas
I don't know.

Episode 10
Let Thomas decide
Something that will help others.

Second Sequel

Episode 1
That’s not true.

Episode 2
I want to fight with you!
Look for something useful

Episode 3
Tell him
Let’s think about it.

Episode 4
No one is wrong.
I believe in you.

Episode 5
Go next to him without saying anything
Ask Craft too

Episode 6
He’ll be praying for us.
Return to the Sirius.

Episode 7
Help repair the ship
It’s nothing.

Episode 8
Defend Thomas
About building the ship

Episode 9
Hold his hand
Hold Thomas’ hand

Episode 10
I fell in love all over again.
Where are we going?


  1. Just so you know Dawn, about the first answer for the walkthroug for Thomas's main story you typed "Share the bed?" when you should have typed "Do you want to share the bed?". And I should know because I'm playing/reading his main story right as I'm making this comment.

    1. Yeah, but that's not really a big mistake, is it? I mean everyone knows what I wanted to say, so I think it's ok to make the answers a little shorter.