27 April, 2017

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When your life is on the line, can you trust a criminal to keep you safe?
Your father is dead, killed in an accident months ago. When you are attacked out of nowhere, you are saved by 5 of the most notorious criminals in Japan. They tell you that your father’s death was no accident, and the men who killed him are now after you.
One of them is chosen to guard you day and night, at least until their contract is up. But now you are at risk of losing your heart as well as your life!
Is love enough to win the heart of a bad boy?!
Who will you trust to keep you safe?

Last Update on this page: 04. November 2018

(*Note: This game is part of the "Love 365" app and can only be found there. To learn more about the "Love 365" app, click on the picture below.)


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*Note: According to the Voltage Inc/Voltage Entertainment USA "guidelines", I am no longer allowed to post any CG's of those companies. To prevent my blog from getting shut down by breaching their company policy, I'll refrain from posting Voltage Inc/Voltage Entertainment USA CG's that get unlocked during the games. Every picture I posted of their games, was either posted by the companies themselves or is a Screenshot that doesn't contain the CG and thus is within what the "guidelines" allow.
I apologize to everyone who was looking for their CG's. Thanks for understanding!


P.S.: Although I don't post their CG's, I listed all released stories of this game here, so you can check on which stories and characters are available.
    • Masaharu Ryuzaki: Season 1: Main Story, His POV, Our Dangerous Date, Adults Only, Season 2: Eternal Vows
    • Yasumi Arimura: Season 1: Main Story, His POV, Our Dangerous Date, Adults Only
    • Haruma Fujioka: Season 1: Main Story, His POV, Our Dangerous Date
    • Asuka Hino: Season 1: Main Story, His POV, Our Dangerous Date, Adults Only
    • Kentaro Inui: Season 1: Main Story, His POV, Our Dangerous Date
      Sub Stories:
      • Teased by the Bad Boys
      • Dangerously Hot Holiday (Full voiced) - Morning: Masaharu, Yasumi, Haruma, Asuka, Kentaro
      • Dangerously Hot Holiday (Full voiced) - Evening: Masaharu, Yasumi, Haruma, Asuka, Kentaro
      • Dangerously Hot Holiday (Full voiced) - Late Night: Masaharu, Yasumi, Haruma, Asuka, Kentaro
      • Beneath His Shields: Masaharu, Yasumi
      • My Beloved Bodyguard (Voiced): Masaharu, Yasumi
      • Our Movie Night: Masaharu, Yasumi, Haruma, Asuka
      • Cyber Wars
      • Piano Boy
      • Fortune of Love
      • Romance Royale



      If you encounter a problem:
      In case you have problems with the "Love 365" app, click on the sidebar in the game and then on "Error Info", to see if the problem is one that Voltage is currently working on. If you can't find a solution for your problem, click on "Settings" in the sidebar and then on "Customer Support". This will lead you to their Website -> www.hykoi-support.en.koi-game.com

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