04 July, 2016

Shall we date?: Ninja Shadow + Main Page

You secretly join an organization as a shadow of your brother.
One of the senior ninjas become your instructor to support you.
The feeling of trust eventually turns into something else that you start to see him more than just an instructor. Are you going to hide the secret or tell him the truth?
The more you spend time with him, the more he grows on you...
No one suspects whether you are a girl or not.
You are afraid that your secret might soon be revealed.
One of ninjas try to find out your secret, and another one knows your secret.

“Are you...a girl?”

They are sexy, strong and reliable ninjas.
Your passionate love with hot ninjas begins here.

I promise I’ll protect you, no matter what happens!


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © NTT Solmare.)

Shall we date?: Ninja Shadow+ on YouTube by Shall we date? - Dating sim games - NTT Solmare

My Rating:
Mature content:★★★☆☆
Art quality:★★★★☆


I liked that although it seems to be a totally different game, there still are lots of connections and hints to "Ninja Assassin +" (the guys even appear in some of the stories!). It feels like Solmare really is fond of Ninja Assassin, but they thought had enough stories, so they decided to invent a similar game in a nearby location, which I think was a brilliant idea! I still miss the guys from Ninja Assassin, but that just makes me even more excited to read Ninja Shadow.
Another part of the game, that I'm really, really fond of, is that you finally find a stronf MC. Ok, she still falls back in her clumsy, shy habits, but I think that she still is one of the strongest MC's from all Shall we date games (with the exception from Scarlet Fate and Demon's Bond of course).
All in all I like this game pretty much and if you have no problem with only reading the Normal Route stories (cause the Sweet Route is way to expensive!), than you have some very exiting stories here for free!

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Advice before you start playing:

  • Please enter and send to yourself your Transfer Data, in case something happens to your device. If  the worst case happens, this way you can resume playing from another device!
  • DON'T waste your Koban & Jades on clothes. You'll get some once you complete a Story, when Solmare releases Spin offs or, od course, by doing the Checkpoint Mission (in this case you need to buy them in order to pass the Checkpoint).
  • Log in every day to receive Daily Bonus gifts.
  • You can spin the Koban Gacha for Free once a day!
  • You can exchange your ID code to find more friends.
  • Don't miss out on the Special Offer for Beginners. Valid only the first 36 hours after you logged in to you game for the first time!
  • Do the Meiko-Salon as often as you can, to complete the Bingo Set. This raises your Talent-n-Skill Points (needed to pass Checkpoints) and Koban. There are special Rewards for a completed Bingo-Set!
  • Have you ever heard of the "Promotion Bonus"? When Solmare releases a new (+) game, and you install and play it, you'll get bonus gifts for it. You'll find more information about it, once the new game is released. 
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- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page.

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  1. I really hope a route for Kagura comes out! He is my favorite character thus far

    1. Don't worry. There will be a route for Kagura for sure. But just not yet. Next character will probably be Yuzuki. And maybe then they release Kagura. ^^

    2. Me too! Kagura is my fav <3 <3
      After Yuzuki I think they'll release Ritsu. Then I hope next is Kagura *^*

    3. Kagura is next after Ritsu - at least the shadow in album point to him. Im sure he will be interesting...just the story about his eyes is something to wait for. :D
      Im surprised with Ritsu since he isnt part of the group but I can see in other games that enemy can also be a choice (like William in NA).

  2. I just started this game but I have one question: How do you get jade? Thanks!

    1. You can get 4x Jade, if you log in four times. It doesn't have to be four times in a row. You can get a different log in bonus every day. ^^

  3. I have a question. There's a marbles event going on for Yuzuki and some of the prizes are mini stories. I was wondering how to read those mini story prizes

    1. If you are on your main page just click on MAIN MENU at the top right and then click on ALBUM. Go to the EVENT tab and you should find them there (sorry for the mixed info if I get it wrong. The game is currently down as I type this and I'm doing this from memory.)

    2. Hi Jessica! Thanks for your help. ^^ You're absolutely right about the way on how to read the Bonus Mini Story: Home page -> Menu -> Album -> Choose your guy -> Story -> Event and there they are!

  4. I wish makoto could be in the running for publishing out of all the characters I like him the most. I like how he is stern and always has a plan. He also cares about everyone he just has his own way of showing it. I feel as though something happened in his past that has made him more strict. He can be kind in all the stories but in all of them he is known for being strict and mean but I know that can't be the real him. I have read all the stories and in all he has shown kindness thou the writer then makes him vicious the next line. But I feel he would make an interesting read.

    1. Oh, all my guns are ablazing for a Makoto route. I'm 99% sure there will be one, it's just a matter of when. It probably won't be for a while. As is usually the case with the guys I like :')

  5. Do you know what those marbles are for? I've been looking around everywhere, but I can't find it.

    1. They are for the current event "Makoto's Temptation". You can redeem them on the event's main page and earn a nice bonus for them. ^^

  6. Is it possible to log your Game with your email adresse and not your Facebook account ?

    1. I'm not sure, but I think you can also play the game without logging in to your FB account. The only disadvantage is, that in case something happens (like the game got accidentally deleted or you have to switch device) all your progress gets lost, if you're not logged in with your FB account. That login is the save function of this game and even allows you to transfer your data from an android, to an iOS device, which wasn't possible for a long time.

  7. Sooo...when is Ritsu's route going to be up on here? He's been out a while and Kagura is coming out any day now...

    1. Wow... good day to you too...
      Your order is coming up shortly, miss.

  8. I definitely want Makoto's story - no idea why,but I like him very-very much! :-)
    I also like some of Edo vigilantes - I wonder if it's possible to get their stories!? :-)

    1. For the Edo Vigilante you can see their stories in Shall We Date Ninja Assassin ( Only available in phone I think )

    2. Maybe,I am the only person without a smartphone in this world,but...the fact is the fact!I play DN2 on fb!If Ninja Assassin is not available there,I can't play it! :-(( Anyway,thanks for the information!

  9. Hi! :)
    I'm new at those games and I have some q's...(maybe really stupid and strange ones :S )
    I wonder what happens to things you buy to your avatar (ex. You need to buy a special hairpin for the premium story) whit jade or real money...when the story is finished? Or I change character? Do I lose them? Can I read the story again whit the same character? Do I need to buy the things again? :S
    What happens whit the pics and storys I have got? Do they disappear when I start it over again? (If I can start again whit the same character)
    Mayby someone allready have answerd this but I couldent find any answers :(
    Anyway this is a really nice blog :)
    Best regards Tigger

    1. Not sure if I can be of any help...I don't spend Real money for games!But,I suppose,clothes and accessories you get in the game stay with you (if you don't sell them,of course)!Photos should be saved in Album (Menu -> Album -> *your* Character)!But I didn't try it with the Same character - I've chosen the other one!I hope,it could help you! :-)

  10. I am stuck on the checkpoint bc i need 35 jades to move on and I only got 5 jades yet... someone plz tell me how to get jades TT

    1. I personally get jades from the game (once in 3 or 4 days - I don't remember for sure) - so,I don't know if there are other ways to get them!

    2. You're right, Anon, thanks for writing! You get 4 Jades after 4 Days and after 8 Days of logging in. Another way can be the Marble collections, where you sometimes also can get free Jades.

    3. It may take a bit, but if you don't want to pay money, waiting for the jade daily award like dawn and anon mentions works. It took a while, but I managed 83 jades for a premium story this way. You also get some jade when you finish a route, which I found was a nice completion gift along with the usual outfit and change route ticket. :)

  11. Can you play more then one story at a time and still be able to go back and forth between them

    1. Not sure,but I suppose - you can't do that at the same time!I think it's possible only in case you play from different profiles!

  12. Ah, just finished Asagi's route. So adorable! Now I can finally play Kagura's route, but sad to see the walk through isn't available yet. :(

    1. Why not?I've found his walkthrough already (on the other site)!I read his story now (but it's not my favourite to be honest - tho',tastes differ)!I liked Asagi's story much more! :-)

    2. Oh? Do you have the link? I'd really appreciate it. :)

    3. https://blah-bidy.blogspot.com/2016/12/walkthrough-shall-we-date-ninja-shadow.html (I hope it's ok to leave it here!?)

    4. It's alright. I'll post Kagura's Walkthrough soon.

  13. How do I get to Shintaro and Makoto side stories? I go to menu, album, but they both are not there...

  14. Hey Guys! Love this game :-D Just discovered it and it's the first game of this sort I'm playing. Great blog also! I have one question I hope you guys can answer. I'm doing Ukyo's story. Love him! And I'm missing the picture from chapter 5 I noticed and I'm already far in chapter 6. Is this because I made some wrong choices along the way? Didn't use any walkthroughs yet :-) Hope anyone knows thanks! X

    1. I'm glad you like my blog and welcome to the otome world! ^^
      About the missing CG - did you get all the answers right in Chapter 5. If you chose a wrong answer, you also don't get the CG. Or did you play the Normal Route instead of the Premium route (after the Avatar mission)? Maybe you want to check out Ukyo's Walkthrough to see, where you could have gotten the CG.

  15. I have two questions. First, if i change my character, but I have not finished the whole thing yet with him, will the progress still be saved? And secondly, toru just got added as a character you can pick. Do you think you could do a walkthrough on that please? Thank you :)

    1. No, the progress won't be saved. Next time you want to play his route, you have to start from zero again.
      I'm not playing this game anymore, so I have to wait until my friend finished reading through the game and made the Walkthrough. It's not that easy since she has to spent real money to get the CG's as well.

  16. Why is the character I'm playing a idiot?.....she just seems to be a bit too foolish for me.....

  17. Hiya! I have a question owo So for the events where we collect marbles, if we don't apply those marbles this event, will they stay for the next marble event or will they disappear? Just wanted to know since I started playing half way through the current event TwT

    1. Hi!
      Unfortunately the marbles you don't use just disappear. It would be great, if you could accumulate some for an event you're really interested in, but that's exactely the reason why they let unused marble disappear - to make sure that gamers don't save up, but try to get enough marble every time again to complete the whole marble event.

    2. Okii, thank you very much!! I'll apply all my marbles now xD

  18. Wow thanks for all this great information!

    I have a question: where do I find the gifts I've been awarded after I accept them? Besides stuff that goes to my room, how do I find the spin off story I've been given?

    1. You can find them in your Album. If you click on "Menu" on the games my page, you can find the Album icon. Once there you can choose to either see your pictures or the stories. By the way, if you bought any premium stories, you can find them there as well. ^^


  19. Do you know when a new character is coming out?

  20. Who do y'all like the most so far? I've played Kagura, Ukyo, and Shintaro and loved them. I think Shintaro is my favorite because he's really cute and innocent, lol. Besides those, who else do y'all like? Idk which other stories are worth investing the time with so wanted to see what y'all thought. I'm thinking Makoto or Asagi next. Maybe Eduard in the future.

  21. Has anyone figured out the pathway to get the normal ending on the spin off Shintaro: Our love continues?

  22. I'm almost finished with Toshiro's story (I know that's going to be my favorite) and they just put out Kunihiro's story. I can't wait to read it. Makoto's is the first one that I read and that is probably going to be my second favorite if it's not Kunihiro. This game is my favorite out of all of these kinds of games.