27 December, 2016

Love and Conspiracy - Main Page

(*Note: Special Thanks to Elizabeth for sending me everything about this game, including her Walkthrough's & CG's!)

You are the former princess of the Kingdom of Elbert.
The Path to Azul Incident seven years ago was the cause of your kingdom’s destruction.
You were chased out of your own country and eventually decided to live the rest of your life as a mercenary.
One day, a suspicious man hidden in the shadows of the night called out to you while you walked through a town in the Kingdom of Seridia.
“Don’t you want to know the truth behind the Path to Azul Incident?” he asked you.
Determined to learn the truth, you head for Seridia’s castle, where the king and people responsible for the destruction of your kingdom live…
What is the shocking truth you will learn about the incident from seven years ago?!


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