December 18, 2015

Missing Walkthrough's

Hello Everybody!

On this page you can find a list with all Walkthroughs, I haven't posted yet or which I couldn't find.
If you by any chance have one of them, or if you want me to add new one, I don't even have here (like Walkthrough's of Spin Offs or Events, cause I don't really play them), please let me know, so I can add them here.
I'm also making this list for myself so I can keep track on what I still need to add or which Walkthrough I have to search again.
Aaaand, while we are talking about all the Walkthrough's and all your awesome help, I want to THANK all of you again for your amazing support and contribution to this Blog! 
YOU ARE THE BEST!!! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

(*Note: This page isn't updated! There are a lot of Walkthrough's that are already posted, as well as Walkthrough's that are missing. I'll update everything as soon as I can. If you have any questions about it, you're very welcome to write an email to me ( Thanks for understanding!)

Voltage Inc.

After School Affair
  • Rikiya Mononobe: Season 2: Dormitory for <3 Adults, Season 3: Rules of Love Unregulated
  • Shinichi Kagari: Season 2: Dormitory for <3 Adults
  • Hidetaka Sera: Season 2: Dormitory for <3 Adults
  • Kiyonori Taishi: Season 2: Dormitory for <3 Adults
  • Kenzo Yasukawa: Season 2: Dormitory for <3 Adults
A Prince's Proposal
  • Wilfred Spencer: Sequel
  • Keith Alford: Sequel
  • Edward Levaincois: Main Story
Be my Princess (PARTY)
  • Past Events
Butler Until Midnight
  • Kyo Aizawa: Season 2: Clandestine Romance 
Class Trip Crush
  • Kanji Okumiya: Sub Story: Graduation Trip Crush
  • Nagisa Ichinose: Sub Story: Graduation Trip Crush
Dangerous Seduction
^Still need to add. All Walkthrough's missing.

Enchanted in the Moonlight
  • Chikage: Season 3: The Bouquet
  • Shinra: Season 2: Love Nest for Two
  • Kyoga: Season 3: The Bouquet
  • Samon: Season 2: Love Nest for Two, Seeds of Doubt, Season 3: The Bouquet
  • Kiryu:  Season 2: Love Nest for Two, Seeds of Doubt, Season 3: The Bouquet, Wedding Arch
Era of Samurai
  • Toshizo Hijikata: Season 2: Love's Maelstrom, The Sequel
  • Sanosuke Harada: Season 2: Love's Maelstrom
  • Hajime Saito: Season 2: Love's Maelstrom
  • Shinsaku Takasugi: Season 2: Love's Maelstrom
Finally, in Love Again
  • Aki Fujishima: Season 2: The Wedding
  • Shuichiro Momoi: Season 2: The Wedding
Gossip Girl (Party)
  •  Kyle Hughes: Main Story Part 1
Her Love in the Force
  • Hyogo Kaga: Sequel
  • Seiji Goto: Sequel
  • Hideki Ishigami: Sequel
  • Soma Shusuke: Sequel
  • Ayumu Shinonome: Sequel
  • Jin Namba: Meeting Him, Falling in Love, Tethered Hearts
Irresistable Mistakes
  • Toshiaki Kijima: Main Story
In Your Arms Tonight
  • Kiyoto Makimura: Season 3: Wedding Vow
  • Shohei Aiba: Season 3: Wedding Vow
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
  • Eisuke Ichinomya: Season 3: Scattered Cards
  • Soryu Oh: Season 3: Scattered Cards
  • Ota Kisaki: Season 3: Scattered Cards
  • Mamoru Kishi: Season 3: Scattered Cards
  • Shuichi Hishikura: Season 3: The Proposal 
  • Luke Foster: Season 3: The Proposal 
  • Rhion Hatter: Season 1: Main Story
Kiss me on Clover Hill
  • Daisuke Asahina: Season of Love, Season of Luck
  • Akio Tsubaki: Season of Love, Season of Luck
Kiss of Revenge
  • Issei Sezaki: Season 2: Main Story, Another Story
  • Junpei Miyashita: Season 2: Main Story, Another Story
  • Soichiro Irie: Season 2: Main Story, Another Story
  • Kyosuke Narumi: Season 2: Main Story, Another Story
  • Naoya Hasegawa: Season 2: Main Story, Another Story
Liar! (Party)
^Still need to add. All Walkthrough's missing.

Metro PD
  • Ryohei Kimura: NY Sequel
My Forged Wedding
  • Yamato Kougami: Season 3: My Beloved Bride, Season 4: The Shape of Love
  • Takamasa Saeki: Season 3: My Beloved Bride
  • Takao Maruyama: Season 3: My Beloved Bride, Season 4: The Shape of Love
  • Ren Shibasaki: Season 3: My Beloved Bride, Season 4: The Shape of Love
  • Kunihiko Aikawa: Season 3: Honeymoon, My Beloved Bride, Season 4: The Shape of Love
  • Kyoichi Kunishiro: Season 2: Wedding Bells, Season 3: Honeymoon
  • Haruka Utsunomiya: Season 3: Honeymoon, My Beloved Bride
  • Akito Kikuchi: Season 3: Honeymoon, My Beloved Bride
  • Tamaki Kikushima: Season 1: The Proposal, Seaseon 2: Wedding Preparations, Wedding Bells, Season 3: Honeymoon, My Beloved Bride
My Forged Wedding (Party)
  • Most past Events and current Events
  • Haruka Utsunomiya: Season 1
MyLast First Kiss
  • Takamune Kitami: Season 3: A Dreamy Proposal
My Sweet Bodyguard
  • Subaru Ichiyanagi: Wedding Sequel, Honeymoon, London Calling Part 2, Where the Heart is, Honeymoon
  • Kaiji Akizuki: Wedding Sequel, Honeymoon, London Calling Part 1, Part 2, Where the Heart is
  • Sora Hirosue: Wedding Sequel, Honeymoon, London Calling Part 1, Part 2, Where the Heart is
  • Mizuki Fujsaki: Honeymoon, London Calling Part 1, Part 2, Where the Heart is
  • Daichi Katsuragi: Honeymoon, London Calling Part 2, Where the Heart is
  • Hideki Ishigami: Honeymoon, A Dangerous Love Game
  • Seiji Goto: Wedding Sequel, Honeymoon, A Dangerous Love Game
  • Toru Kurosawa: Wedding Sequel, Honeymoon, A Dangerous Love Game
  • Eiji Kiyosumi: London Calling Part 1, Part 2, Where the Heart is, A Dangerous Love Game
  • Kenta Makabe: London Calling Part 1, Part 2, Where the Heart is
Our Two Bedroom Story
  • Minato Okouchi: Season 3: 3's a Crowd
  • Kaoru Kirishima: Season 3: 3's a Crowd
  • Chiaki Yuasa: Season 3: 3's a Crowd 
  • Shusei Hayakawa: Season 3: 3's a Crowd
  • Tsumugu Kido: Season 3: No Love Allowed
  • Ayame Suo: Season 1: Main Story, Sequel 
  • Hinata Yayoi: Season 1: Main Story
Sakura Amidst Chaos
  • Nobunaga Oda: S3: In Full Bloom
  • Kenshin Uesugi: S3: In Full Bloom
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa: S2: Love Blossoms, S3: In Full Bloom
  • Yukimura Sanada: S3: In Full Bloom
  • Masamune Date: S3: In Full Bloom
  • Kojuro Katakura: S1: Budding Hearts
    Sleepless Cinderella (Party)
    • Most past Events
    Star Crossed Myth
    • Scorpio: Musings on Love
    • Ichthys: Musings on Love
    • Zyglavis: Musings on Love 
    • Aigonorus: Sequel
    True Love Sweet Lies
    • Rui Wakaba: Season 2: Captured Hearts

    Voltage Entertainment USA

    Astoria - Fate's Kiss
    • Hydra: Season 4: MS 1
    • Cerberus: Season 4: MS 1
    • Chimera: Season 4: MS 1
    • Medusa: Season 4: MS 1
    • Hades: Season 4: MS 1
    • Alex Cyprin: Season 3: MS 1, MS 2, M3, Season 4: MS 1
    • Astraeus:  Season 4: MS 1
    • T.K.Yoon: Lost in Paradise 1, 2, 3, Love's Discovery 1,2,3
    • Clyde Hughes: Lost in Paradise 1, 2, 3, Love's Discovery 1,2,3
    • Serena Zhang: Lost in Paradise 1, 2, 3, Love's Discovery 1,2,3
    • Logan Owens: Lost in Paradise 1, 2, 3, Love's Discovery 1,2
    • Arthur Singh: Lost in Paradise 1, 2, 3
    Gangsters in Love
    • Chance Valentine:  Criminal Love 1,2,3
    • Yoshimitsu (Jason) Valentine: Sinful Kiss 1, 2, 3, Criminal Love 1,2,3
    • Irving Monroe: Sinful Kiss 1, 2, 3
    • Ash Winters: Sinful Kiss 1, 2, 3, Criminal Love 1,2,3
    • Aurora James: Sinful Kiss 1, 2, 3
    • Mateo Estrada: Sinful Kiss 1, 2, 3
    Speakeasy Tonight
    • Vincenzo Moretti: Main Story
    • Donovan Gallaghar: Main Story
    • Julius Harper: Main Story
    • Cliffton Conwax: Main Story
    • Elliot (Horton) Graham: Main Story
    • Cornelius Dresner: Main Story
    White Lies and Sweet Nothings:
    • Sam Calloway: Main Story
    • Mason Howard: Main Story
    • DarrenYoung: Main Story
    • Dominic Perez: Main Story
    • Ethan Adler: Main Story

    To Love & Protect
    Glass Stilettos in Manhattan
    Intimate Business
    Kisses & Curses
    My Killer Romance
    Queens Gambit
    My Lover's a Thief
    Knight of My Heart

    ^Still need to add. All Walkthrough's missing.


    Shall we date?
    (If you per chance have CG's, I haven't posted yet, it would be amazing, if you could send them to me, so I can post them for everyone here. THANKS!)

    Shall we date?: Ninja Love - Paid version
    • Hanzo Hattori: Main Story
    All Spin-off, especially "Drowned into the Night"

    Shall we date?: My Fairy Tale - Paid version
    • Thumbelina: Main Story
    • Gretel: Main Story
     All Spin-offs

    Shall we date?: Angel or Devil - Paid version
    All Spin-offs

    Shall we date?: Magic Sword - Paid version
    All Spin-offs

    Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate 2 - Paid version
    • Tomonori Kotokura: Main Story
    • Aterui: Main Story
    Spin off:
    • Song of Spring
    Shall we date?: Lost Island - Paid version
    Spin off:
    • Our Daily Life
    Shall we date: The Nifleheim +
    Spin off:
    • Orlando - Happy Deathday
    • Niflheim in Wonderland
    • Bacherlors to Husbands
    • Love Ya, Mafia
    Shall we date?: Guilty Alice - Paid version
    • Joker: Sequel
    • Mad Hatter: Sequel
    • Sakuto: Sequel
    • Ash: Sequel
    • Cheshire Cat (Noir): Sequel
    Spin-off: - Drink me! - Cheshire Cat

    Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart +
    Spin off:
    • Happy Birthday, Yukiya!
    • Happpy Birthday, Randy!
    • Happy Birthday, Luca!
    Shall we date?: Blood in Roses +
    Spin off:
    • Music Room
    • After Story - Rupert
    • After Story - Alfred
    • Maiden Desire
    • His Private Snapshot
    • Date under the Sun
    Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja 2 +
    Spin off:
    • Lovely Loitering
    • Happy Birthday, Kikyo!
    • Rindoh's Sexy Angel
    • Geisha of Love and Justice!!
    • Easter Edition
    • Love Freaks 

    Those below still need to add. All Walkthrough's are missing.

    Contract Marriage
    Contract Marriage +
    Seven Hotties, All my Husbands
    Starstruck Love
    Bidding for Love
    Arabian Nights - Desert Heat
    The Oriental Bride of the Emperor
    The Idol Dormitory
    Love Legend of Sengoku
    My Boss is too Hot and Wild!
    My Romantic Three Kingdoms
    Samurai Night Romance
    Dear my Mononoke Sacrifice


    Decoding Desire
    Arabian Nights Love Story


    Cinderella Rose
    Seal of Lycoris (All Character)
    Alice: Love & Labyrinth
    Mystical Butterfly (All Characters & Spin off)
    Princess of Monaco

    Genius LLC

    My Sweet Pianist 
     My Lovely Cat
    My Royal Guardian
    My Strange Lover
    My Secret Spies
    My Traditional Princess
    My Forbidden Lover
    My Ninja Romance
    My Curry Boyfriend
    Destiny Knight Romance
    The Lost Prince Pirates
    School Love Paradise
    Pay for my Call with a Kiss
    Life is Beautiful
    The Fateful Encounter
    Undead Lover
    Dream of Anastasia
    Otouto Scramble
    Reverse Tale of Genji
    Darkness Myth
    Wizard Tower
    Omnibus Princess
    Extreme Mission

    D3 Publisher

    The Men of Yoshiwara (Ohgiya)
    Forbidden Romance
    The Amazing Shinsengumi
    Pub Encounter 
    My Butler
    My Sweet Pets!
    Destiny's Princess
    Dangerous Relationship
    My Famous Lover
    Secrets of Me

    Ciagram CO.

    Princess Closet
    False Fiance
    Love and Revenge

    Abracadabra Inc

    Vampire Boyfriend/ Yayoi Game
    Secrets of BL Academy
     A Wizardry Enchantment
    Love Pandemonium
    Vampire Game
    Feral Boyfriend/ Yayoi Game
    Guardian Deity
    My Superstar Boyfriend
    Love Complex
    Princess of the Moon
    Sports Club/ Yayoi Game
    Love Never Dies
    Beloved Nightmares

    1492 Studio

    Is it Love? Gabriel
    Is it Love? Matt
    Is it Love? Drogo
    Is it Love? Ryan

    Accela Inc

    Illegal Romance
    It's our Secret

    Hanabi Media

    High School Mystery Story
    Love Mystery
    Vampres Teen Love
    Love Triangle
    Love Dating Story
    Teen Love Choice
    High School Love
    Love Magic


    OTOME of Ikemen cafe (DeareaD Inc)
    Princess To Be (DeareaD Inc)
    Ikemen Sengoku (CYBIRD)
    Vampire Idol (Avocado Entertainment)
    My Forbidden Love (M&Aonline)
    Roommates (Celso Riva or Winterwolf)
    Hakuoki (NIFTY Corporation/Gloczus Inc
    Amnesia (NIFTY Corporation/Gloczus Inc) 
    My Mystic Romance (Underdogs Inc)
    My Alice Romance (Underdogs Inc)
    My Samurai Romance (Underdogs Inc)
    Miranda's Choice (nmg2 Limited)
    Queen of Defense (nmg2 Limited)
    Ephemeral dreams, eternal love (Favary Inc)
    False Vows, True Love (Favary Inc)
    Mystic Messenger (Cheritz)
    Zargoa Love Stories (Imperator Runny Bunny Studio)
    LondonDetective Story (Think-a ltd.)
    Anticlove (Tictales)
    Rising Lovers (Tictales)
    Underlove Stories: Naomi (Tictales)
    Sweet Amoris (Beemoov Games)
    Dream Boyfriend (Ambition co ltd)
    Animal Boyfriend (Ambition co ltd)
    East Tower (roseVeRte)

    There are still a lot of other Otome Games, I still haven't added here, but if you have a Walkthrough or CG of an Otome Game you want me to post and it's not on this list, just send me a mail and I'll post it asap!

    Thanks again!


    1. Are you able to keep an eye out for the new Shall We Date? Pirates paid version?

      1. But of course! Actually me and a friend of mine are already working on it. I'll add it asap!


    2. I'm sorry if I'm being a bother here, but curious if you're going to play the new Shall We Date?: Oz+? Thank you! :)

      1. No, don't worry! You're no bother at all. I'm always there for any question. :)
        Yes, I started playing the game, but I won't play it regularly, since it takes up so much time to play all those ticket-games.
        However, a friend of mine sent me her Walkthroughs, so I'm going to add them asap.
        I hope you enjoy the game and happy playing!


      2. It looks very cute! I haven't played it yet because I usually focus on trying to get enough Charisma points so I don't have to worry about the "check" gates. I actually do this for all of the newer Shall We Date? games now. I'm pretty much still stuck with the first character on the list, but I managed to finish Orlando, Kaito, and Alfred.

        I hope you're enjoying the game too! :)

    3. For any of the paid Scarlet Fate walthroughs, they have the same answers as the free version (at least I used the free version answers for the paid version). So, you should be able to just copy and paste walkthroughs from the free to the paid section for that.

      1. THANK YOU DEBRA!!! I didn't know about this, so I'm really glad you let me know about this. I'm gonna post the Walkthroughs for the Free Version asap! Thanks again!
        Happy Playing!


    4. If you don't mind found you do Shall we date?: Demons' Bond?

    5. Hello dear. At the moment I play games made by Genius inc and d3 publisher, so I can write down walkthroughs for getting a happy ending. But I can't find the e-mail where I can send them. Should I post walkthroughs right here?

      1. Hi Seiran!

        That would be so great! I'm really behind on posting Walkthrough's for those games. Thank you so much for offering your help, I appreciate it! ^^
        You can send me the Walkthrough's to:
        THANK YOU!


      2. Hi)
        I've sent u the walkthrough few days ago. Soon I'll send u the next one.

      3. Yes, thank you so much for them! I'll post your next one asap! ^^

    6. sent you few walkthroughs ill keep sending you the ones i have that you are missing let me know if you are getting them thanks

      1. Yes, Thank you, Samantha! Got your Walkthrough for Ieyasu and Mitsunari. I'll post them as soon as I can. ^^ Thanks!

      2. Ok ill be sending some more soon just wanted to make sure you got those ones

    7. Ill send all part 1 of gpp as soon as I can

    8. Sent all ggp that I have up to date let me know if you got them after you post them ill send more walkthroughs to you any that you need asap Ill see if I have them just let me know

      1. I got them all, thanks Samantha! I'm just way behind on posting them, haha. ;)

    9. All good once you post them ill send some more from you list don't want to overwork you 😆

    10. are you going to add yayoi from destiny ninja 2

    11. Are you going to do the walkthroughs for the "Drowned into the Night" side story for Ninja Love+?

      1. I want to, but I still don't have the Walkthrough, and I have a lot of things I need to post first, before I can replay the story to create a Walkthrough. Sorry.

    12. Do you still need help with the Genius game walkthroughs? I have the My Memorial Lover done. I am close do finishing Love and Conspiricy, and Angel Romance. I am about halfway through My Strange Lover. If you still need help with any of them I would be happy to help!

      1. Hi Nick!

        I would be so happy, if you shared your Walkthrough's with me (and everyone). I still don't have the WT for a lot of Genius games (because they are just so fast on releasing new ones!), so yes, please. I gladly accept all WT you can send me. I just have a request, if you don't mind: could you also send me the CG's for the games? I might find them somewhere on the internet, but this way I could make sure that I get all of them. Just if it's possible. Otherwise I'm already happy with the WT. :D
        Big Thank you to you, Nick and happy playing!^^


      2. What are CG's? And should I use the email you posted here before, Or somewhere else?

      3. CG's are Character Graphics, the Pictures ^^
        Yes, thank you! If you could send it to that would be perfect.

      4. I have sent you a couple emails with the walkthroughs and pictures. I will send you more as I get through them. Thanks for all your hard work!

      5. Thanks you too! It's thanks to people like you, that this blog is steadily growing, allowing gamers to find Walkthrough's and CG's they searched! ^^
        P.S. Sorry for being so slow and that I still haven't posted what you sent me. I'll make sure to hurry up. :D

    13. Anyone already having the walkthrough for Gangster in Love - Irving Monroe Sinful kisses?

    14. Is there walkthrough for Destiny Ninja+2 Akira?

    15. I'm thinking of playing Kiss of Revenge season 2 by myself because the walkthrough hasn't been posted, but I've never played an otome game without one before. Since the Voltage paid games have no "love meter" type indicators, how do I know if I've made the right choice?

      1. I'm sorry, that I still haven't posted those Walkthroughs, but I still haven't played those stories and I didn't get the walkthroughs. Sadly, the only way to make a Walkthrough for them, is to read through them. There is no telling, whether you chose the right answer or not. It's all a matter of luck I guess. ^^

    16. "Shall We Date?: Guard Me Sherlock!" [undlerline/bold]
      "• James Moriarty: Season 2"
      is missing from your missing walk through list.
      I know some characters are not released yet, but James Moriarty's Season 2 is released and he needs his walkthrough. ��
      So you might want to either update the list or add his walkthrough to the site, if you have it.

    17. I am jus wondering ( sorry If I am a bother ) but has anyone did the guard me Sherlock 's event called wedlock ? It seems like it had a time frame for its pictures, I jus wonder if anyone got the photos as I am quite curious of how the look like .

    18. How about lust in terror manor? Please I was trying to get the happy ending on rui's route but my love meter wasnt high enough :c