26 April, 2016

Recommended Pages

Hello Everyone!

On this Page you can an find a list of all different kind of Webpages I visit and follow myself and which I highly recommend you to also take a look, if you have some time.


Otome Game Companies
Following those adresses on Facebook or tumblr, gives you insider infos, the latest news and notification about special sales.

-Voltage Inc:  Facebook // tumblr // YouTube // Twitter // Library
- Voltage Inc (Party): Facebook // Twitter
- NTT Solmare:  Facebook // YouTube // Twitter // Shop // Library
- OKKO: Facebook // Twitter
- Arithmetic:  Twitter // Library
Facebook pages: - Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale
- The Cinderella Contract
- Seven Hotties, All My Husbands
 - Oriental Bride of the Emperor
-Cheritz: Facebook // tumblr // Shop
- Genius: Facebook
- Koyonplete: Facebook // tumblr // YouTube // Twitter
- Tea For Three Studio: Facebook // Twitter // Blog
- Bunny&Loewe: DE Facebook // ENGL Facebook // YouTube

Blogs /Forums

- Kokoro Cafe:
Forum // Facebook // tumblr // Twitter

Kokoro Cafe was the first place I visited when I started playing Otome Games and the inspiration to start my own blog. It's a wonderful place I still like to visit, because you can always find someone to talk about the games. ^^
It's also a good place to get help with current Events or if you have troubles with a game.
I highly recommend to visit this Forum - you'll love it for sure!

-Shall We Date? Otaku:
Website // YouTube

The "Shall We Date? Otaku" Webpage is run by a friend of mine, Debra, who puts a lot of work into getting the correct Walkthrough's and CG's for the Shall we date? games. Most Walkthrough's and CG's of the Paid Shall we date? games on my blog are from Debra, which I am very grateful for. Debra also runs a YouTube channel where you can find the stories of the Shall we date? games.
If you sign in on "Shall We Date? Otaku" Webpages Newsletter, Debra will inform you on the current state and updates of her website. 
- Otome Queen:  
Blog // Facebook // tumblr // Instagram

The "Otome Queen" Blog is run by a friend of mine, Samantha. Samantha was a big help when I started my blog and especially with the Content Disclaimer. We both faced a big blow in the stomach when Voltage Inc changed their policy about the CG's and both of us got them removed from the blog without any warning. It took us some time to get over this and Samantha was a big help through that time (I know I sound melodramatic, but try to imagine to get (literally) 1,000 posts removed from one day to the next). I'm so glad that Samantha is still running her blog now, so please take a look at it!
On her blog she post Walkthroughs, writes about her thoughts of different Otome games (mostly Voltage Inc and Shall we date?) and also posts Fan Fictions, which I really like to read ( just see for yourself ^^ ).

- Two Happy Cats

Blog // Facebook // Wordpress // tumblr // Instagram // Twitter

The "Two Happy Cats" Blog is amazing! It informs you about such a wide range of otome games (also Indie games), anime and mangas that I'm more than sure that you'll enjoy browsing through the blog. I highly recommend to check this blog out!

- Blah-Bidy-Blah:
Blog // Facebook // Twitter

Like the Kokoro Forum, Blah-Bidy-Blah, was a place I liked to visit when I started playing Otome Games and got into trouble, because I was stuck in a game. It's run by very friendly and nice people and you're welcome to post your help on their blog as well.

- NooBabble:
Blog // Facebook // YouTube

NooBabble is a blog that is also always up-to-date, with the main focus on the Voltage games. If you like to play "Smite", you'll sure like this blog.


- English Otome Games: 
tumblr blog // Facebook // Wiki // twitter

If you want to play a new otome game or are searching for a specific one, you just have to visit the "English Otome Games" blog! You can find almost all currently available otome games in the English language there. I love to search through that blog, just to see what games are available.
It's also very well structured, so if you perhaps search for a game that you can play on your PC, it's also possible to select only those. Same goes for free or ticket games.

Voltage Wikia // Shall we date? Wikia // Mystic Messenger

Wikia's are a great place to find all kind of infos about games. You can not only find CG's and Walkthrough's there, but also different sprites of a character, their background infos and other interesting infos about your favorit hubby. Of cours, if you have some infos on your own, you can add them there as well and contribute to the evergrowing fandom. ^^


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    1. I changed the height of the Calendar, so it should now be easier to read the names ^^