21 January, 2017

Shall we date?: Lost Alice + Main Page

“You’ve come here, neither following the White Rabbit nor in response to the Queen of Hearts.
You’ve come to Wonderland on your own will.”

--The key to solving all the mysteries is your lost memories.

“My Alice, I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

“I told you, I’m not Alice!”

--You remember nothing but your name. They call you Alice.
Elegant tea party with the Hatter. Temptations from the Cheshire Cat. The golden afternoon with Joker. While the days in Wonderland never cease to entertain you...you find your true love.
Whose “Alice” will you be?


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © NTT Solmare.)

Shall we date?:Lost Alice+ on YouTube by Shall we date? - Dating sim games - NTT Solmare

Advice before you start playing:

  • Connect your game with your Facebook account. This allows you to play it on Facebook, saves your data and you can even switch from android to iOS this way.
  • DON'T waste your Lapis & Wonda on clothes. You'll get some once you complete a Story, when Solmare releases Spin offs or, of course, by doing the Checkpoint Mission (in this case you need to buy them in order to pass the Checkpoint).
  • Log in every day to receive Daily Bonus gifts.
  • You can spin the Wanda Slot for Free once a day!
  • You can exchange your ID code to find more friends.
  • Don't miss out on the Special Offer for Beginners. Valid only the first 7 days after you logged in to you game for the first time!
  • Play the Game as often as you can. This raises your Sugar Points (needed to pass Checkpoints) and Wonda.
  • 1 Story Ticket get restored all 4 hours.
  • Have you ever heard of the "Promotion Bonus"? When Solmare releases a new (+) game, and you install and play it, you'll get bonus gifts for it. You'll find more information about it, once the new game is released. 
  • Like "Shall we date" on Facebook to receive special gifts.






Spin offs

Alice in the World of Wah!
The Realm of Piracy
Legendary Magical Love
Wander in Wonderland









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For Hardcore Fans:

If you encounter a problem:
- If you play on android, please send an e-mail to: ad-lostalice-egsupport@nttsolmare.com
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page.

Dear User/Guest, if you have some time, please check out the Credits Page.
I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog.


  1. I'm still relatively new to these games, so I was super confused when they said there was 2 endings to the spin-off stories.
    Because they didn't give you a choice of avatar items to pick from, until the last chapter that was almost camouflaged because the arrow almost blends into the background.
    I was confused as to whether the choices in the spin-off story mattered affected the outcome.
    Is there a way to make a walk through for the spin-offs?

    1. Hello Laura!
      Unfortunately I can't play this game, because my tablet system is too old, so I also can't make a Walkthrough to post it here, unless someone who played the game sends it to me.

  2. I joined when Owen came out so maybe I missed it, but I've seen tons of people with a little rabbit Al on their avatar's shoulder. I want one. How did they get it?
    Was it a prize from a previous event slot? Was it a prize in a spin-off or biscuit collection that I missed?
    The only slot I have yet to open is Jokers, so I'm kinda hoping it's in his character slot, but I don't know.
    If anyone knows a way I can get one please let me know.
    Also how do you make friends on this game?

  3. I'm new to this game so I got some questions. How does the honey slot work? Do we have to use lapis everytime except for the first time? Also, how do I know which style (if you know what mean) is my character's favorite?

    1. Hi Adriana!
      Yes, the Honey Slot requires Lapis after the first free try. However, as you progress through the story, more of those Slots will be unlocked and you can spin them for free at the first try. There is also the Wonda Slot, which you can spin for free once a day. Please keep in mind that your Dresser space is limited and in case you get a special Avatar piece from an event or need to buy one to pass the Checkpoint, I would recommend to delete the Avatar pieces you gained from the Wonda Slot, since you can get them back later on, when you have more space.
      For the style: Just look at the character description of your character. They mention it there and in the background, behind the guy, you can also see their sign, like for Joker it's Clover and for Kyle it's Hearts, Owen is Diamonds and Sid and Luke are Spades (they also sometimes wear their sign somewhere on their clothes ;) Oh! Chronus will be Hearts, by the way ^^

    2. Hi! I'm new to the game. When I try to sell items from the Wonda slot, it tells me it cannot be sold. So how do you actually remove them from your closet? Or am I missing something? Thanks!

  4. -WARNING! SPOILER(maybe)-

    I'm really interested about the Red Queen.
    She said she was also from
    the real world, and that
    she was the previous Alice from another universe/world/story? I can't remember the exact word she used; and I read from somewhere that this is in the same world(?) from the Guilty Alice. If they are from the same world or something, how come she's the Red Queen now, and what happened to the other Mad Hatter, Cheshire and other characters in the Guilty Alice, when we have these characters like Luke, Kyle, and Joker here?
    I mean..I've been searching for answers, sorry if it was an unhelpful comment, but I hope you could help? :'(

    1. Hmm... I know this sounds quite complicated, but let me try to explain:
      The Red Queen IS the MC from the Guilty Alice game. You can see and read that in the Epilogue of Luke's route. There the Queen herself explains everything. Alice and the Queen are from the same world, but both got dragged into a different version of the Wonderland. However, the Spinner of Tales, before dragging Alice in this story to Wonderland, needed to ... cast the roles he wrote, like Luke for the Mad Hatter and so also a Queen of Hearts. He used the Alice from the other game and she also mentiones somewhere along Luke's story, that she even had a loved one back in her version of the Wonderland.
      So to make it short: there are two versions of the Wonderland, each for every game, at least that's how I understood it. ^^

  5. I'm currently playing this game trying to finish Joker's route, and upon looking at the roster within the game, Ace Spade...is no longer on the roster...does this mean his character will no longer be available for playability? :(
    If so, I am sad...I was really looking forward to his character route.

    1. Nah, I don't think that they removed Ace for good. Maybe they just changed his looks a bit or they are preparing his release and instead of leaving the gray icon with (coming soon) they removed it. I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure that Chronos wasn't the last one in the Alice game they'll release. ^^

  6. Oh. Ok. Thank you. I was getting worried.

  7. Omigosh, Ace Spade is finally out!! And now Neil Mirror is coming soon. Will you be getting Ace's walkthrough soon? I want to play his story but I am such a cheater XD I don't want to get anything wrong, but I'd play it again to get normal (and/or) bad ending. Lol.

    1. I'm sure that the friend of mine, who was so kind to make most of the Walktroughs on this blog, is already on it. ^^ I'll post it asap.

  8. Thank you so much and sorry for the trouble of rushing you and your friend :'(

  9. I mean not to rush your friend. Please take your time ●︿●;;

  10. You mentioned an epilogue for Luke's route in one of the other comments? What epilogue?

  11. If you don't choose the premium route, could you lost the images?

  12. Hey! I am kinda new and I want to know if i can change to another story (i have to mention that i am in the mid of another story) without loosing my progress?
    P.S : sorry for my bad english

    1. There is none. You have to finish the one you're on,but through premium route only since your progress will be saved (AFTER YOU'RE DONE WITH THE STORY). If there was a way,I would have done it long ago.

      P.S. It's ok. I understood it ok.

  13. Hey! I'm not exactly sure how to organize my wardrobe... I can't find a way to delete items can someone tell me how? Or is there no way to delete items?

    1. Go to your room. Then click on one of the taps like Hair. Whenit shows them along the side there should be three buttons at the top. Click on the last one the coin. it will bring up a window that you can scroll through of the clothes in that section. Click the sell button on the ones you want to get rid of.

  14. How do I access the spin-off stories I'm new to the game and I would like to see them, but no idea where to find them.

    1. Same person as before I'm not sure if I was clear enough. I mean the stories you get by playing the mini games the icons of the blue and pink books. The miss wonder stories.

    2. You can find thoe stories in your Album. There is an icon for switching between the pictures and the stories. ^^

  15. Hi, Newbie here. ♡
    I'm currently at Chronus main story and getting closer to the End. Though there are 3 Endings am I right? So to gain the prizes from his event I would have to complete all 3 Endings and now my big question is; Do i have to read through the whole 13 Chapters again for each Ending or is there a way to only read the different Endings?
    I'm looking forward to your response, thank you :*

  16. Spinner of Tales: Early Bird (** = best choice)

    Chp 1, 4/9.
    I'm not Alissa
    I'm (character name)
    Have you forgotten who I am? ** best choice

    Do you have any bright ideas? ** best choice

    2, 5/8
    I'd like cinnamon tea too. (Likely best choice)
    I'm surprised you like cinnamon tea. *(Very good choice)
    I had a strange dream.

    2, 7/8 Sugar points needed: 50

    2, 7/8
    What do you suggest I do?
    I'll take off on my own.
    Do you mind if I tag along with you for a while? - ** Best choice

  17. Hi there
    I'm new at this game and was wondering how you actually apply the ribbons you get. It doesn't seem to be part of the shop...?
    It would be great if you could help.

  18. Spinner of Tales {what I've done so far}

    Chapter 1, 4/9.
    I'm not Alissa -best choice
    I'm (character name)
    Have you forgotten who I am?

    1 6/9
    Do you have any bright ideas? ---best choice

    Chapter 2, 5/8
    I'd like cinnamon tea too.---best choice
    I'm surprised you like cinnamon tea.
    I had a strange dream.

    2, 7/8 Sugar points needed: 50

    2, 7/8
    What do you suggest I do?
    I'll take off on my own.
    Do you mind if I tag along with you for a while?---best choice

    Chapter 3 5/10 (CG)
    I'm sorry
    Thanks for worrying about me---best choice
    I dom't regret it

    6/10 check point
    Premium--Queen Alice's Cane 30 lapis
    Normal--Classic Quill Pen 3400 wonda or 27 lapis

    3, 10/10
    Acknowledge------best choice
    Deny it

    Chapter 4/1
    There's not one reason I should trust you---best choice
    I don't understand the purpose
    The Queen should be the on to come if she wants to see me

    4/6 Sugar points needed:8000

    1. (not sure of the chapter but after the sugar points above)

      You should stay here at home
      Is what Ace said true
      I'm glad you're coming with me------best choice

      Chapter 5 3/8
      I like louis-----best choice
      We're not a couple
      I'm not his girlfriends

      5, 5/8
      Accept--best choice

      chapter 6 4/9
      Yes I do
      No I don't think so---best choice

      6, 6/9 Sugar points needed: 12000

      6, 8/9
      I didn't mind
      You just startled me
      It made my heart race----best choice

      Chapter 7 2/7
      You worry too much
      I wonder if it's true
      It's all right---------best choice

      3/7 Check point
      Premium--Tiara of Queen Alice 50 lapis
      Normal--cinnamon Role Hair accessory 7000 Wonda or 35 lapis

      7, 5/7
      I kind of want to go back to the house
      I'm going to stay here---best choice

      Chapter 8

      8, 2/7 Sugar points needed: 19000

      8, 5/7
      Of course I plan to-----best choice
      I have to find the way back

      8, 7/7
      I lift Louis
      I use magic to carry louis--best choice
      I have Louis moved

    2. Hi Anon!
      Sorry for writing to you so late but THANK YOU for sharing your Walkthrough with everyone! ^^


  19. A question about the ribbon collection, how do u find the event after the collecting period ends? Doesn't the applying period end a day after? So how do you apply it?=

    1. The event is where you usually select the event, but if there is something new click on see more which shows you are the events that are available at the time. If you have ribbons it will let you apply them the same way you did before the event ended.

  20. Hey, I'm really new to the game, and I saw the current spin off and finished it, but then I realised it says you have to get two endings to get the dresses and I'm really confused. I think this may have already been answered, cause I searched on google and I think I saw it in the little preview/page quote, but I can't find it on here now. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    1. It's true, I just checked it. You only get the dresses after reading through both Ending (Sweet and Exciting) and what's more - those dresses are the Early Bird reward and the time limit is set today (9th January, 9PM (PST). After today you to get rewards for each ending, but not the dresses. I hope you can make it!


  21. Hello ☺️ I've completed all three endings for all the characters that are currently available. I decided to just play through my favourites over again so that I could collect more ribbons and save Story Tickets up for when Red releases. I just finished the Destined Love ending for Sidd yesterday and didn't receive the prizes. I expected not to receive the avatar items, but I had figured I would get the Story Tickets, Lapis, and Power Items. I didn't get them, so I am wondering if you can only receive the prizes for endings one time?

    1. That's very strange. As you said - you should at least get the tickets and lapis. Maybe that's a bug in the game. Please contact Solmare directly via the support center in the app, so they can check on your account to see what went wrong and hopefully give you your reward ^^

  22. What was ribbons use for? I cant find the way to usethem??

    1. It's for the collection event where you can get extra items by applying the ribbons you got. Just click on the event banner on the main page of the game. There you can also find more infos about the event. ^^

  23. Regarding ribbon collection: can I take advantage of the x3 collection bonus now, then save them for the next event? Or if I don't apply them do they just disappear...

    1. It'll disappear. You have to apply the ribbons before the event finishes, or the ribbons you collected will diasappear.

  24. i didn't get the beginner's login bonus (hair and lavender dress)

    1. Hm... could be a bug in the game. Best would be to contact Solmare directly via the ingame support center or send them a mail:

  25. I know I'm EXTRA late, but how do you view stories you won through ribbon collections?

    I thought they might be in the album like the stories from the miss wonderland prizes, but I can't seem to find these ribbon stories anywhere!

    1. Nah, don't worry. That's no problem at all ^^

      First of all you have to make sure you accepted the story, then you have to look at the Album, just as you said. Under stories you can choose between Main story and Event stories. The list of event stories is quite long, so you might have to serch for the story quite a bit.
      If you still can't find the story, please contact Solmare directly via the support center in the game, so they can restore your data or send you the missiing story.
      Hope this helps!


    2. I actually found it yesterday! lol
      Thanks for getting back with me.

      I had one other question. When it comes to the attire checkpoints, if I choose the normal route, will it affect my results? Like... does it change how far my meter goes and have an affect on my ending?

      Thanks again!

    3. I actually once asked Solmare about it, and they said that whether you chose the normal or sweet route, doesn't affect the ending.

  26. Can I ask a question?
    Do you know the artist of the game? I really like the art style of the game it would be really cool to know the artist though.

    1. I'm sorry, but I have no idea who the artist is. Best would be, you send NTT Solmare an email and ask them. I'm sure they'll answer your question ^^

  27. Do u know the illustrator of this otome game?

    1. No, sadly not but you can always send Solmare a mail and ask them! ^^