May 2, 2014

Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss - Main Page

“Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss” is a novel type dating simulation game, depicting a forbidden romance between a princess (a player) and a mononoke (a handsome humanoid monster). The story starts with a scene in which mononokes attack a castle. All of a sudden a mysterious beautiful man appears in front of the princess and saves her from a danger; they leave the castle to escape from the mononokes. At first the princess feels uneasy about the man, but as they spend time together, she has started to fall for him.

(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © NTT Solmare)

Mononoke Kiss on YouTube by Debra Tuttle



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  1. I'm so in love with Raizo. =)

  2. Hey dawn just an FYI since the paid version released Hikobane and Ryuzaburo I tried your walkthrough for the happy ending on the free version and for both it gives you the sweet ending. I don't know if the other walkthroughs work for the spinoffs yet but just thought you might like an update.

    1. Oh, thanks Sarah! I was actually quite surprised that they decided to add those stories (and characters) to the paid version, after such a long time, but I'm quite happy, since Ryuzaburo is my fav. :D
      I'll add his and Hikobane's Walkthrough now and will see, if I can find more infos on the spin offs. ^^

    2. Yeah I was extremely surprised too, it's been what a couple of years it seems... Yeah Ryuzaburo was my fav too