May 7, 2014

[Walkthrough] Our Two Bedroom Story - Chiaki Yuasa

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
I'm great at it.
Just don't look!

Episode 2
Squeeze his hand really hard

Episode 3
Stop this!
Glare at Chiaki

Episode 4
I've found your weakness!
Ask him

Episode 5
Watch him sleep.
Tell him now.

Episode 6
Don't ask
Keep quiet

Episode 7
Don't tell him anything
Change the subject

Episode 8
It'll be fine.

Episode 9
Sure, we can go out!
I don't know.

Episode 10
Thank you.

Episode 11
Go after him

Episode 12
Of course I don't.

Season 1: Sequel

Episode 1
After dinner
Be honest

Episode 2
I'm relying on you.
No way!

Episode 3
It's too great of an opportunity.
Come with us.

Episode 4
Really, I'd be fine.
Yes, that's okay.

Episode 5
I'm doing my best.

Episode 6
Give him the case
Don't be stupid!

Episode 7
Yes, please.
Trust him

Season 2: The Proposal

Episode 1
Give him a hug
Save it for later

Episode 2
Are you serious?

Episode 3
Let him do what he wants
Ask outright

Episode 4
Have I done something?
I’ll always be here for you.

Episode 5
Say you’d rather go with Chiaki
Ask her

Episode 6
It’s our duty.
Let him do what he likes

Episode 7
Check with Chiaki
Are you happy?

Episode 8
She holds you very dear.
Say yes.

Episode 9
You’re cute!

Season 2: Don't tell Him I'm Popular!

Episode 1
Yes, it’s a shame.
I’m embarrassed...

Episode 2
  Maybe next time.

Episode 3
  Say you’re sure they’ll make it work.
Reassure him

Episode 4
Stop teasing
Say that you do want to

Episode 5
Get Chiaki to come
I’m already seeing someone.

Episode 6
I haven’t got a clue...

Episode 7
Stay and try to talk him around
I’m not doing it for anyone.
Season 3: No Love Allowed

Episode 1
Let’s wait and see what happens.
I like younger men.

Episode 2
No, I don’t!

Episode 3
This can’t be helped.
What should I do…?

Episode 4
Forgive me, Chiaki…
Kiss Chiaki on the lips

Episode 5
Thank you.
I refuse.

Episode 6
Renegotiate alone
Refuse once and for all

Episode 7
Thank you!

Season 3: Three is a Crowd
(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for this Walkthrough!)

Chapter One
I can't wait!
No, not at all.

Chapter Two
It's okay, I'm not worried.
You go ahead.

Chapter Three
I miss Japan....

Chapter Four
Answer the phone.
No, not right now.

Chapter Five
I'm sorry!
Are you jealous?

Chapter Six
Let me think about it.
Trust me.

Chapter Seven
Tell him.
Isn't that a little extreme?

Happy Ending

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