13 September, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Love Anniversary Event - Yamato


Stage 1

1.? I thought you were hungry.
 Stop acting like a child! (+200 Affection)

Stage 2

~Avatar Mission~
Checkered Chain Bag 3,000Mari

2.? You talk about how in love you are with me.
I want you to hear you say it. (+200 Affection)

Stage 3

~Avatar Mission~
Orange High Rise Shorts 4,500 Mari

3.? (To Yamato) Were you? 
 (To Yuta) Of course he wasn't! (+200 Affection)

Stage 4

4.?  I'd love anything you gave me.
 Don't say that. (+200 Affection)


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