04 January, 2015

Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Other Characters

If you want to learn more about each Side-Character, click here to see the list on Wizardess Heart Wikia.

Azusa's deceased little brother Tsukasa

Alfonse Goldstein, oldest of the Goldstein brothers, which was mentioned (but without saying his name) in Klaus' route. He has a fiance named "Elaine".

The new Headmaster of the Gedonelune Academy: Willem V Rembrandt

 Aster - Guys father

Saella - a songstress who ends up teaching at the Gedonelune Academy

Prince Lucious, a cursed boy that is bound to life the Underground Labyrinth


  1. Someone else thinks that Schuyler is identical to Severus Snape? No? Only me?

  2. Replies
    1. Her name is Eress and all further infos would be a SPOILER...............
      She's headmaster Randolph's form during the nighttime. Like a werewolf, only that he becomes that redhead girl... strange, isn't it, but I hope that at some point they're going to release a route for Randolph too ^^

  3. will there be a story line as Caesar in the bf

    1. Since he is so well liked (and even just got a Spin off Story) I'm more than sure that he's getting a own Main Story pretty soon ^^