22 February, 2015

Be my Princess (Party) - Happy Birthday to Keith Event - Main Page

Page Overview

Hello there!
On this page you'll find everything about the current Event you need to know. To give you a better overview about what and where you can find everything, I'll make a short list here. I hope it helps you and have fun with the Event! (^^,)o))

  • Page Overview & Event Explanation
  • Walkthroughs
  • Start Dash Fever
  • Route Bonus
  • Early Clear Bonus
  • Date Spot





Start Dash Fever

This Fever starts when you first enter the Event and lasts only 180 minutes!

Route Bonus

Early Clear Bonus


Date Spot


  1. Hi there, i am new in this game and i am still confused to these Double End Bonus. You need to read the same history again, is that it? Like, i just finished the Prince's Keith birthday with all princes and gained the top and gloves. So to gain the dress too i need to read the same history again?

    1. Yes, exactely BUT this time you have to choose the other Ending = If you have completed the previous route with the Secret Happy End, you have to choose now the HAPPY END to gain the dress.