May 19, 2014

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja - My Handsome Beast Spin off - Main Page

A new potion has been developed, which lets you turn
into an animal! They try out the potion...
What? Something is wrong...
 He hesitantly tries out the new potion...
Mizuki tries out the potion! His reaction is different
than Sohma's. What's going on with him?
 Having a spark in his eyes, Goyo tries out the new 
Yoshitsune asks Benkei to try out a new potion.
After taking it, Benkei suddenly...
"It will be a good excuse!" Yoshitsune tries out the
new potion to spend more time with you...
 He has accepted to try out a new potion! After he 
drank the potion, he suddenly...!!
 It seems that he doesn't want to try out a new
potion. But your remark leads him to...
His personality seems to have changed after
drinking a potion. He's lost his feelings for you...?
 Goyo started laughing to see Mizuki turn into an
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  1. Your spoiling pictures by posting the pictures before people play the game.

    1. Hahaha! You're so funny! Imean, I can't spoil anything to those who haven't played the game, if they don't especially search for those pictures, don't you think so too? It's up to you to look at the picture pages... or not. I posted the CG's for those, who couldn't get the CG's, just want to see them without having to read through the whole story or for those who can't read the stories (because some of them aren't available anymore).