09 August, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess 2 - Ivan Chernenkov

Main Story

Episode 1
I’m fine.
Are you here for a reason?

Episode 2
So you think so too.
Where should I pet them?

Episode 3
You have good eyes.
It’s beautiful.

Episode 4
… Good night.
That was impressive.

Episode 5
I’ll wait here for you.
Take care not to catch a cold.

Episode 6
Long time, no see.
Vodka’s pretty strong.

Episode 7
I keep my promises.
Are you saying I’m slow…

Episode 8
I’d love to.
You don’t care if I leave.

Episode 9
I know, but…
No way…

Episode 10
Call Mikhail?
You’re passionate.

Episode 11
I refuse.

Episode 12
I’ll be waiting.

Episode 13
I’d love to.

Episode 14
I’m not eating much.
Welcome back.

Episode 15
Obviously I’m happy.
Where’d he go?

Happy Ending


Episode 1
What kind of kid was Ivan?
If you say so…

Episode 2
It’s a bit early.
Nod to him

Episode 3
How were my biscuits?
Is being a butler hard?

Episode 4
Because I know them.
Nod silently

Episode 5
I lost it…
I think it’s cute too.

Episode 6
Ask Ivan

Episode 7
We might have grown alike.
I don’t need a ring.

Happy Ending

The Royal Wedding

Episode 1
Ask to choose together

Episode 2
Tell him I’m nervous, too.
What’s the matter?

Episode 3
I’m pathetic.
Of course!

Episode 4
I’m lonely.
He’d definitely be jealous.

Episode 5
Weren’t you more lonely?
I can’t believe it!

Episode 6
Was I helpful?

Episode 7
Because it’s embarrassing.
I’ll tie a big ribbon.

Episode 8
Rub the part that hurts
Clasp his hand

Episode 9
Sorry, I’m heavy.
Rub your face

Happy Ending

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  1. Could you make a video of your walkthrough at every episode? that would be fun :)