19 September, 2014

Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince + All For Your Smiles (Jun) Spin off [Walkthrough] & CG

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still incomplete! If you happen to know some answeres, I would be very grateful. if you would share them with me. ^^)


Chapter 1
1.? Tell him to work hard. (Brilliant!)
Ask if he'll be late again tonight.

1.6 Items Checkpoint: 1x Gold Key needed

Chapter 2

2.6  Items Checkpoint: 3x Gold Key needed

2.8 Shake off Jun's arm.
Convince him nothing is up.  (Brilliant!)

Chapter 3
3.6 Items Checkpoint: 3x Gold Key needed

3.8 I want him to enjoy it. (Brilliant!)
I hope we can pull it off.

Chapter 4
4.4 Items Checkpoint: 2x Gold Key needed 

4.5 Tell him he's being emotional.
Show how delighted you are. (Brilliant!)

4.6  Items Checkpoint: 5x Gold Key needed



  1. 2.5 or maybe 2.6 - Gold Key x 3

  2. 3.8 I hope we can pull it off brilliant

    1. Wrong. It's the other choice to make him happy. I just did it using that wrong answer and it's close! Not brilliant!

    2. True :(

      I thought it was strange, I want him to enjoy it made much more sense, but then, you never know... So I decided to go along with it, but...

      I want him to enjoy it is certainly the right one, I hope we can pull it off ended up with a "close!". ;(

  3. 4.5 show how delighted you are. Brilliant

  4. Happy ending route? Need x 3 gold key

  5. So many gold keys needed. I don't think I can finish on time with all these gold keys :(

    Thanks for the walkthrough though.