14 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Hero in Love - Hayate Shiranui

Main Story

(*Note: This Walkthrough leads to the Happy Ending. If you want the Sweet Ending (SE) choose the blue answers.) 

Check to make sure it's really okay.
Stop teasing me!

So, you're apologizing, huh?
Do you like sweet food?
I'm so relieved!

Coffee. (Hot cocoa. = for SE)
Stay still.
I believe in people. (You can't say that about everyone. = for SE) 
Do you want s.t.? (Are you upset about s.t.? = for SE)

Cling to his shirt.
Don't worry about it.

Go with A Team.
I'm sorry. (Did you stay with me the whole time? = for SE)
I believe in people.
Call out to him.
Sorry for causing you trouble. (I just wanted to find a hint. = for SE) 

I'm fine. (I knew you'd come. = for SE)
I want to fight with you.

No... (What are you saying? = for SE)
You jerk...! (Welcome back! = for SE)

Happy Ending

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