July 4, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Blood in Roses + Rupert

Main Story

(*Note: Decide which Ending you want right from the beginning and try to stick to it when choosing an answer, otherwise you might not be able to get either Ending. For the Serenade Ending you need +85 Moonlight Points and for the Toccata Ending you need +85 Sunlight Points.)

Day 1:

1.02 Rupert. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
I don’t love either one. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

1.06 Tell Rupert to stop.  [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Cling onto Rupert. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
(Get a Diary)

Day 2:

2.01 I want a kiss on my cheek. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I want you to pat me on the head. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

 2.02 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Ribbon Heart Bag - 500 Tokens

2.06 Jump [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Go get a chair. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

2.07 ~Special Story~
Get CG

(Get a Diary)

Day 3:

3.01 Kiss him. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Hold him. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

3.05 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium: Mearmaid Picture Book – 500 Coins ->Get a CG
Normal: Turquoise Bracelet – 200 Coins or 1,000 Tokens

3.07 I want to know more. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
  It’s not so bad. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 4:

4.04 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 1,000 Lady Level Points

4.05 Turn my face away. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
  Maybe next time. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

4.09 I can. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
I can’t on my own. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

(Get a Diary)

Day 5:

5.02 Hold him in my arms. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Pat him on the head. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

5.03 Love Challenge: Avatar Mission
Premium: Blue Rose Hat Headpiece – 750 Coins ->Get a CG
Normal: Tulle and Rose Headpiece – 500 Coins or 5,000 Tokens

5.10 For Rupert. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
For myself. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 6:

6.02 We can open the door together. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Rupert, open the door. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

 6.05 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 4,000 Lady Level Points

6.09 Can you cook something for me next time? [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
I’ll cook something for you next time. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

(Get a Diary)

Day 7:

7.05 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 5,000 Lady Level Points

7.05 Take his hand. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight] 
Look at Alfred. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

7.09 The relationship between Spade and Tatiana. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
The relationship between Spade and Harold. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 8:

8.02 Do you want to cook together with us? [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
I want to know every side of Rupert. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

8.05 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 6,000 Lady Level Points

8.07 Cover my ears. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Pretend that I’m covering my ears. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

(Get a Diary)

Day 9:

9.01 Ask him. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Don’t ask him. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]

9.02 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium: Navy Bare Top Tiered Dress Style – 900 Coins ->Get a CG
Normal: Pale Blue Drape Dress Style – 500 Coins or 10,000 Tokens

9.09 Stand there quietly. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Call out to him. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

(Get a Diary)

Day 10:

10.02 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 12,000 Lady Level Points

10.02 Hold Rupert’s hand. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]
Pat Rupert on his head. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]

10.09 Love Challenge: Lady Level
Need 14,000 Lady Level Points

10.09 Take Raymond’s sword in my hand. [+5 Moonbeam, +2 Sunlight]
Look for a way to stop Rupert. [+5 Sunlight, +2 Moonbeam]


Toccata Ending: +85 Sunlight Get a CG
Serenade Ending: +85 Moonbeam Get a CG
Farewell Ending: If you couldn't reach neither +85 Moonbeam nor Sunlight


  1. äh..i have a little question to this..
    can you get the pictures ONLY if you pay with coins for the items?????

  2. So question.
    I'm doing the game on FB and everything, is there an easier way to farm Tokens?
    I know by greeting 50 friends you can get 1000 tokens by just doing that, plus the extra stuff you do obviously.. but is there an easier way? I wanna customize my character but having to rely on tokens for everything is annoying, especially when I wanna progress the story.

    1. Hi there!

      I'm sorry, but I don't play the game on FB, so I know nothing about how it works. If it's a little similar to the Android version, then there should be Missions available from which you can earn special prizes. Also there should be a Miss Rose Contest from which you can also get Tokesns. But like I said, I'm not sure. Maybe you want to ask a friend of mine, which might know more about the FB version? Here's the link to her blog -> http://blah-bidy.blogspot.it


  3. I have a question, what do you mean by toccata and serenade ending? what's the difference?

    1. I have been wondering too....what does it mean and the difference????