27 April, 2016

[Walkthrough] Kiss me on Clover Hill - Bunta Kurimaki

(*Note: Special Thanks to Princess Mew Mew for sending me ALL these Walkthroughs! Thanks!)

Season of Love

Episode 1
Go to Bunta’s room
Don’t move a muscle

Episode 2
Don’t tell Kazuto
Like me…

Episode 3
A sense of misery… An aching in my heart…
It hurts

Episode 4
Yeah, sorry
There’s no way I can convince you?

Episode 5
Follow Bunta
Be moved to tears

Episode 6
Go to the living room
Please ask Bunta first

Episode 7
What do you think I should do?
(Maybe they’re kissing…)

Episode 8
Go to the living room and watch TV
Tell them to follow the rules

Episode 9
Won’t you put your trust in him…?
Get him to show me his camera

Episode 10
Follow him
Fix my hair

Episode 11
Look down

Episode 12
Why do you take their picture every day?
Let’s do this again sometime, okay?
Episode 13

It hurt…
Take it

Episode 14
Embrace him
Close my eyes

Happy Ending

Season of Luck

Episode 1
It must be about Bunta
(Zero, he says…)

Episode 2
Please wait a second
Ask about photos

Episode 3
Izo is going to catch a cold
A temple

Episode 4
Confess your true feelings
Grab hold

Happy Ending 

Epilogue 1
Cheerfully agree
I’ll do Bunta’s share

Epilogue 2
What were you thinking?

Happy Ending

Season of Hope
Episode 1
Say something to Bunta
Suggest having half of each

Episode 2
Answer affirmatively

Happy Ending

Season of Faith

Episode 1
He complimented my design
Accept eagerly

Episode 2
I don’t know myself

Episode 3
I trust Bunta, so it’s fine
Nazuna Kudo

Episode 4
Confess to eavesdropping
Go home alone

Episode 5
You’re right
It’s personal, so…

Episode 6
Say you want to get married
Have coffee

Episode 7
Don’t tell him
Call him

Episode 8
I don’t care

Episode 9
I’ll be fine on my own
Answer the phone

Happy Ending

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