09 May, 2016

[Walkthrough] Kiss me on Clover Hill - Yusuke Sakuraba

(*Special Thanks to Princess Mew Mew for sending me all her Walkthroughs!)

Season of Love

Episode 1
I haven’t got any plans
I want to hear something, too

Episode 2
Warn Yusuke along with Soichi
I just came to borrow a CD

Episode 3
I like studying design

Episode 4
Greet her
Leave my hand as it is

Episode 5
Are you dating that woman?

Episode 6
We’re pretty close
You’d better try a little harder…

Episode 7
Do you know about Yu’s rumour?
Well, I might as well enjoy this

Episode 8
What kind of design did you submit?
I like your paintings, Yu

Episode 9
Yusuke didn’t seem interested in doing it
Tell him

Episode 10
Leave him alone
Do you happen to know where Yusuke is?

Episode 11
I just bumped into him, looking for you
Give a big nod

Episode 12
Are you staying over at the university?
Snuggle up

Episode 13
I’d rather watch something else…
Try again to call out to him

Episode 14
Smile back
Look at Yu

Happy Ending

Season of Luck

Episode 1
It’s not going well
Get it later

Episode 2
Shall we eat with everyone?
Stay where you are and watch

Episode 3
Yeah, I wanna help!

Episode 4
Say nothing but make some coffee
Shout at the man

Happy Ending

Epilogue 1
Smile at him
Look at his sleeping face

Epilogue 2
Answer, “You’re right”

Happy Ending

Season of Hope
Episode 1
Tell a little white lie about an assignment that’s due
It’s the feeling that counts, not that flashy stuff

Episode 2
Say nothing. Just squeeze his hand tightly
Offer to escort the little girl to the toilet

Happy Ending

Season of Faith

Episode 1
The rent is too high
My legs are so sore

Episode 2
I guess I would
No problem

Episode 3
Say something
Jump into his arms

Episode 4
Sure, that would be fine
Something exciting!

Episode 5
Stop him

Episode 6
Yu’s room

Episode 7
Give them a friendly greeting
Find out the reason

Episode 8
Commiserate with him
Hear his reasoning

Episode 9
Totally happy
Go up to the roof

Happy Ending

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