19 July, 2017

The Cinderella Contract - If Lugar [Walkthrough] & CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope & Nanaby for the Walkthrough & the CG's!)


Chapter 1

1.03 Me?
Now that you mention it… (+5)
At yesterday’s party…

1.06 Mr. Lugar
Master Lugar
Lugar (+5)

1.10 IF Lugar Extra 
Need 200 Platinum

1.12 What is this?
I didn’t see anything.
Just a little. (+5)

1.13 Special Lugar Scenario
Get a CG

Chapter 2

2.04 There’s nothing in particular. (+5)
Stop speaking so formally.
Cancel this contract.

I trust you.
I don’t know. (+5)

2.15 I wonder if you’re right…(+5)
Thank you.
Why do you think that?

Chapter 3

3.03 What are you doing?
Good morning.
Are you going to work now? (+5)

3.08 IF Lugar Extra 
Need 200 Platinum

3.09 Thank you.
I’m sorry.
Why? (+5)

3.11 Yes, I am.
No, I’m not. (+5)
What do you think?

Chapter 4

4.05 This is a problem. (+5)
Do you want me not to?
I am.

4.05 IF Lugar Extra
Need 200 Platinum

4.09 Thank you for coming. (+5)
I didn’t know what would happen.
What do we do now?

4.13 Are you joking again?
I’m happy.
Is it alright? (+5)


Good End

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