16 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract - Yuri & Yelisei (Rossiyskaya) Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

(The character you end up with, depends on which character has the most Reputation (affection) Points. To get a Happy Ending with the character you want, try to stick with his answers right from the beginning and if there are no answers for him, choose those were you gain the fewest reputation points of the other character, so that you don't get too much affection points from the wrong character.
The answers that are marked with red are for Yelisei, the blue are for Yuri.
To read the Sequel of a character, you first need to read through the Main Story.
To switch route, you need to buy a "New Contract".)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Marriage at First Sight?

1.06 At a time like this… (None)
I’m happy. (+3 Yuri)
I don’t know. (+5 Yuri)

1.10 It’s a minor inconvenience. (+5 Yuri)
Hate you? (None)
I like you. (+3 Yuri)

1.14 I’m still good. (+0 None)
Perhaps… (+3 Yuri)
I want you to show me where it is. (+5 Yuri)

Chapter 2: A Present Worthy of a Princess!

2.03 It’s a charming country. (+5 Yelisei)
I’m surprised. (+3 Yelisei)
(Can I return his handshake?) (None)

2.06 That’s good to hear. (+5 Yuri)
You think so? (+3 Yuri)
That makes me glad. (None)

2.12 Extra – [1]
Need 150 platinum

2.14 I’m a captive. (+3 Yuri)
Where? (+5 Yuri)
You can’t do that! (+1 Yuri)

Chapter 3: Gunshot Panic

3.02 Extra – [2]
Need 150 platinum

3.05 Do you not want to talk about it? (+5 Yuri)
Why won’t you tell me? (+3 Yuri)
Be serious. (+1 Yuri)

3.10 I’m worried. (+3 Yelisei)
I’m not scared. (+5 Yuri)
I’m fine. (+5 Yelisei)

3.15 Laughable. (+3 Yuri)
Too convenient. (+5 Yuri)
Not possible for someone like me. (+1 Yuri)

3.15 Special Yuri Scenario
Get a CG

Chapter 4: A Public Trial

4.01 If you’re going to go that far… (+1 Yuri)
If you stop keeping secrets. (+5 Yuri)
I want to, but… (+3 Yuri)

4.02 Extra – [3]
Need – 150 platinum

4.10 He is good-looking… (None)
I wasn’t charmed. (None)
I just wanted to be nice. (+5 Yuri)

4.12 I’m a little scared… (+5 Yelisei)
If we’re together, it’s okay. (+3 Yelisei)
If anything happens, I’ll save you. (+5 Yuri)

Chapter 5: A Kiss in the Snow

5.03 I’m just happy you’re okay. (+5 Yuri)
Thank you for protecting me. (+3 Yuri)
 Don’t think about it. (+1 Yuri)

5.03 Extra – [4]
Need 200 platinum

5.09 Forever’s a long time… (+5 Yuri)
But the contract! (None)
Me too. (+5 Yelisei)

5.0? You too. (+3 Yuri)
Thanks for caring about me. (+5 Yuri)
I’m fine. (+1 Yuri)

5.15 Special Yuri Scenario
Get a CG

Chapter 6: A Double-Cross Most Heinous

6.05 Wait. (+5 Yuri)
What is all of this? (+1 Yuri)
Yuri, are you alright? (+3 Yuri)

6.13 Perhaps… (+3 Yuri)
I want to believe it. (+5 Yuri)
It’s a difficult situation… (None)

6.15 I grew to love him after we married. (+5 Yelisei)
The truth is… (+5 Yuri)
It’s too embarrassing to talk about. (None)

Chapter 7: Love Triangle

7.01 Impossible… (+5 Yuri)
Perhaps… (+1 Yuri)
I trust him. (+3 Yuri)

7.08 Special Yelisei Scenario
Get a CG

7.0? But Yelisha is here. (+5 Yelisei)
I have to do what he says. (+5 Yuri)
Wait. (None)

7.11 Extra – [5]
Need 200 platinum

7.13 Hang in there. (+3 Yuri)
I should go back… (+5 Yuri)
I call someone. (+1 Yuri)

Chapter 8: My Secret with My Brother-in-Law…

8.01 Extra – [6]
Need 200 platinum

8.03 I would. (+3 Yuri)
I can’t. (None)
I don’t know what to do. (+5 Yuri)

8.06 I’m a little lonely… (+5 Yelisei)
I want to go home. (None)
I have to stay… (+5 Yuri)

8.13 What are you saying? (+3 Yuri)
I’m sorry. (+5 Yuri)
Yelisha…! (+3 Yelisei)

Chapter 9: Rebellion?

9.04 Even though it’s a lie… (+1 Yuri)
Is this a date? (+5 Yuri)
Are you speaking seriously? (None)

9.09 I don’t want to be with you… (+3 Yuri)
I want to be with you… (+5 Yuri)
I still don’t. (+1 Yuri)

9.13 I can’t choose. (+5 Yelisei)
I don’t understand. (+1 Yelisei)
You asked that before. (+5 Yuri)

Chapter 10: A Second Home

10.02 Are you worried? (+1 Yuri)
Do you distrust me? (+1 Yelisei)
I understand. (+5 Yuri)

10.06 Special Yelisei Scenario
Get a CG

10.06 Extra – [7]
Need 150 platinum

10.10 Stop that. (+3 Yuri)
How embarrassing… (+1 Yuri)
Please stop stroking me. (+5 Yuri)

10.14 I’m frightened. (None)
Why is he sitting next to me? (+3 Yuri)
Is he going to kiss me again? (+5 Yuri)

Chapter 11: Terminus of Love and Hate

11.02 Of course. I am his wife. (+3 Yuri)
I wonder if I’m good enough… (+1 Yuri)
I intend to. (+5 Yuri)

11.03 Special Yuri Scenario
Get a CG

11.08 Don’t! (+5 Yuri)
Come to your senses. (+1 Yuri)
These threats… (+3 Yuri)

11.14 Wait, Yelisha. (+5 Yelisei)
Aren’t you going to do something, Yuri? (+5 Yuri)
Somebody help! (+3 Yelisei)


1. Yuri Normal End = Reputation 85+, Yelisei Reputation 25+ Get a CG

2. Yuri Good End = Reputation 165+, Unlocks Royal Gacha (7day time limit) Get a CG

3. Yuri Royal End = Reputation 200+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal Gatcha)


1. Yelisei Normal End = Default Ending

2. Yelisei Good End = Reputation 60+, Yuri > 74, Unlocks Royal Gacha (7day time limit)Get a CG

3. Yelisei Royal End = Reputation 80+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal Gatcha)

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