20 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Proposal - Tsukishima Takeru

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Lame destiny and exquisite encounter

1.03 I have to apologize.
I should probably apologize. (+5)
I’ll explain.

1.08 Why did you want to see me again? (+5)
Did you swap the suitcases on purpose?
What do you want from me?

1.10 Affection Checkpoint
Needs 10+ Affection, Get a CG

1.12 Don’t say things like that.

…please don’t involve me in this. (+5)

Chapter 2: A heart shaked by suspicion

2.05 I’m going home! (+5)
I am free, but…
I have plans, so I can’t.

2.06 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Lace Lavender Dress (Charm 20+) – 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Pearl and Amethyst Bracelet (Charm 10+) – 150 Platinum / 2000 Love

2.08 Wasn’t there an audition?
That’s lucky.
 (So he’s riding off his brother’s success…?) (+5)

2.12 It’s fine.
Is it always like that? (+5)
I was scared.

Chapter 3: The darkness hidden behind the light

3.03 Yuki and I?
What do you mean? (+5)
I think you’re misunderstanding.

3.04 Affection Checkpoint
Needs 35+ Affection, Get a CG

3.08 Why me? (+5)
I don’t need it.
I can’t.

3.14 I don’t believe that.
I don’t think that exactly…
I thought it was amazing. (+5)

Chapter 4: The sign of the real start

4.01 Engagement Checkpoint
Needs 4,500+ Engagement Strength Points

4.02 I could say the same about you. (+5)
Do you always do things like this?
You’re a horrible person.

4.10 We need to apologize to each other. (+5)
We have to properly draw the line.
I want you to apologize to me.

4.12 Tsuki.
Mr Tsukishima. (+5)
Same as up until now.

4.14 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Sofa (Charm 20+) – 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Clock (Charm 10+) – 150 Platinum / 2000 Love

Chapter 5: First workplace experience

5.03 You mean you’re not!?
Me!? (+5)
I have to do that too!?

5.06 You’re also one of us. (+5)
This job would be impossible.
Why don’t you come and work for us?

5.13 Of course not.
I’m sad.
What are you saying? (+5)

Chapter 6: In passion

6.02 Engagement Checkpoint
Needs 7,000+ Engagement Strength Points

6.04 Are there other things you want to ask? (+5)
What do you mean?
What’s the next thing you want to ask, then?

6.08 I hope that Takeru will come to understand your feelings. (+5)
I’ll try and talk to him.
Good luck at work.

6.11 It’s cold.
You’ll catch a cold.
Were you waiting the whole time? (+5)

6.12 Affection Checkpoint
Needs 90+ Affection, Get a CG

Chapter 7: Sweet time, sweet trap

7.05 Is that okay? (+5)
Don’t you have work?
Go somewhere?

7.06 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Side Half-Up Hair (Charm 20+) – 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Pearl and Amethyst Accessory (Charm 10+) – 150 Platinum / 4000 Love

7.07 I’ve watched it so many times!
But I can’t help but look at you.
Of course I am! (+5)

7.10 Affection Checkpoint
Needs 100+ Affection

7.14 What’s going on?
I don’t believe it. (+5)
Did he deceive me again?

Chapter 8: A glittering and dark world

8.02 I’m sorry. (+5)
It’s my fault.
I was careless.

8.09 Is there something you want to say?
Are you trying to keep me in check?
He’s not playing me. (+5)

8.12 I’m glad we met. (+5)
I don’t regret anything.
I don’t want to think about that.

Chapter 9: Return to zero again

9.01 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Monochrome Dress (Charm 20+) – 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Amethyst Open-Toe Pumps (Charm 10+) – 150 Platinum / 5000 Love

9.01 I wonder if he’ll be sad.
What will he think?
I’m sorry. (+5)

9.03 Affection Checkpoint
Needs 125+ Affection, Get a CG

9.06 I’m so happy.
Because you’re so defenseless. (+5)
Because It’s funny.

9.13 Affection Checkpoint
Needs 130+ Affection, Get a CG

9.14 I have something important to say. (+5)
Yesterday was really fun.
I want to end this.

Chapter 10: The past and…

10.01 Engagement Checkpoint
Needs 15,000+ Engagement Strength Points

10.04 No.
I don’t know.
Yeah. (+5)

10.09 Bang on the shutters
Yell out (+5)
Peek through a tiny hole

10.12 I might die.
I won’t give up.
Someone will come and save me. (+5)

10.14 Affection Checkpoint
Needs 150+ Affection, Get a CG

Chapter 11: I’ll fall in love with you again and again

11.01 How did you know where I was? (+5)
Why did you come?
Do you know who did it?

11.02 Engagement Checkpoint
Needs 17,500+ Engagement Strength Points

11.09 That’s not true.
I’m partially at fault. (+5)
That’s true.

11.15 Go to work.
Go to see the play. (+5)
Call Takeru.

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