23 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Office Lover 2 - Kousei Akiyoshi

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story
(*Note: If you want to change route, you need a "Switch Route Ticket".) 

Chapter 1: The Inspiration Was Right There All Along

1.04 I wasn't feeling well.
No, I went. (+5)

1.08 That's troubling.
I'm not an actress.
Are you teasing me? (+5)

1.11 Diary of Temptation
Akiyoshi Kousel #1 Title - 90 Platinum
1.13 If you really mean it, then I'm happy. (+5)
That's because I'm not pretty.
It's embarrassing.

Chapter 2: The Unthinkable Opportunity

2.02 Special Scenario CG 
Requires 15+ Affection

2.04 I don't want to give up!
I'll have to talk to Kenichiro about it.
I want you to be the directory, Kousei. (+5)

2.08 What are you saying? (+5)
Are you being considerate of me?
What wasn't funny!

2.09 Fashion Check
Premium: Peach Colored Linen Stole (Charm +50) - 200 Platinum
Normal: Yellow Diamonds Double Necklace (Charm +25) - 100 Platinum/2,000 Gold

2.15 Give him a letter
Face him and ask  (+5)
Ambush him

Chapter 3: Not Knowing About Love

3.02 Special Scenario
Requires 30+ Affection

3.04 Nope.
That's not it. (+5)
It's a work email.

3.09 Fashion Check
Premium: Beige Half Up Hair (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Blue Lace Ribbon (Charm +30) - 150 Platinum / 4,000 Gold

3.10 I don't know.
If I can, I want to. (+5)
It's impossible.

3.14 It's not that I don't like it, but... (+5)
Sorry, I won't do it anymore,
Is my cooperation really necessary?

Chapter 4: Be Not Afraid Of Change

4.02 Appeal Check
Requires 45+ Affection

4.03 It's not bad.
I like it. (+5)
Let's ask someone else's opinion.

4.09 I'm curious. (+5)
No, not really.
Do you know something?

4.14 Become flustered (+5)
Deny it
Evade the topic

Chapter 5: Sending Out All Of One's Strength

5.03 Appeal Check
Requires ?+ Affection

5.05 I believe in Kousei. (+5)
I'll work hard to publicize it.
Of course I do!

5.08 No.
What if I did? (+5)
I have something to tell you.

5.11 Special Scenario CG
Requires 70+ Affection

5.13 That's because it's work.
I want to thank you. (+5)
Please, don't worry about it.

Chapter 6: Unfaded Within My Memories

6.04 That's ridiculous.
Hey, you did your best!
You're not hurt, are you? (+5)

6.04 Fashion Check
Premium: Blue Asymmetrical Dress (100 Charm) - 400 Platinum
Normal: Green Laurier Houseplant (30 Charm) - 150 Platinum / 6,000 Gold

6.10 A love story (+5)
A comedy
An action

6.13 Why? (+5)

Chapter 7

7.04 You're always teasing me.
I'm so embarrassed ! (+5)
I don't think so, but...

7.06 Special Scenario CG
Requires 95+ Affection

7.08 Let's cook together.
You can try tasting.
You should rest.

7.15 Why not become an actor instead? (+5)
I hope that everything will calm down soon.
I agree that you're very handsome. (+5)

Chapter 8: A Dream In Order to Achieve

8.03 I'll help here.
Let's do our best together! (+5)
Something should work out.

8.08 Not here.
If it's quick.
I'll kiss you. (+5)
8.10 Appeal Check
Requires 115+ Affection

8.13 Thanks. (+5)
I'm not.
It's true, they're a good match.

Chapter 9: Love Entwined

9.02 I love Kousei. (+5)
Your feelings make me happy.

9.07 Special Scenario CG
Requires 125+ Affection

9.08 You're the only one for me Kousei. (+5)
Nothing will happen.
Are you doubting me?

9.12 Fashion Check
Premium: Folding Directors Chair & Table Set (75 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Country-Style Sprout Hydroponics (50 Charm) - 200 Platinum / 8,000 Gold

9.14 Move away from him
Chide him
Worry about him (+5)

Chapter 10 A Triangle of Illusion

10.04 Deny it
Become embarrassed
Look at Kousei (+5)

10.09 Special Scenario CG
Requires 140+ Affection

10.09 Someone might come. (+5)
If it's just for a bit...
I don't want to.

10.11 Appeal Check
Requires ?+ Affection

10.13 I would've had to give up.
Don't say scary things!
A fair and square match. (+5)

Chapter 11: For The Sake of Fulfilling A Dream

11.04 I can't say.
It's a secret.
I want to tell you in person. (+5)

11.07 Fashion Check
Premium: Directors Chair (75 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Fish Tank (50 Charm) - 200 Platinum / 8,000 Gold

11.09 There's only Kousei for me. (+5)
They're amazing!

11.12 I want to spend time with you. (+5)
I'll stay with you for a bit.
I'm tired, so I want to rest.

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