02 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Moe! Ninja Girls - Season 1 - Main Story (Akari & Enju)

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for letting me re-post this Walkthrough! You can find the original version HERE on Debra's website!)
(To get Akari's Ending, choose the answers that are maked with (Akari). To get Enju's, choose those with (Enju) at the end of the answers.)

Season 1 - Main Story

Chapter 1: Mizaki School

The girl on the bike!(Akari)
The girl next to me!(Enju)
Which one should I choose?

I should ask Enju when I don't understand something.(Enju)
I wonder what Akari's writing about...(Akari)
No, I should think about it for myself.

Dodge to the side!(Akari)
Put my hands out in front...!(Enju)
Onward to paradise!

Chapter 2: What I've Always Wanted

What should I do?
Will you pick that up for me?(Enju)
I don't want to owe Enju anything​.(Akari)

I'll try to save face.(Enju)
What about John?
Honestly, I don't have a clue.(Akari)


Go back to the dorm.
Walk Akari home halfway (Akari)
Help Enju (Enju)

Chapter 3: A Shadow Arrives

Avatar Checkpoint


It's just like Enju says.(Enju)
Do you like ninjas, Akari?(Akari)
John, shut up!

But then again, we're in the middle of a lesson...
The lesson doesn't matter!(Enju)
We have to talk it out.(Akari)

It wouldn't be so strange if they did exist.(Akari)
There's no way they exist.(Enju)
What did you say?
Chapter 4: Victim Comes First

It's like Enju says.(Enju)
Stare at Akari (Akari)
There are no ninjas. Alright?

Why are you going this far?(Akari)
You know...(Enju)
​Let's go home.

Avatar Checkpoint


It can't be helped...(Akari)
How will I explain it to Enju...?(Enju)
I've got to protect an innocent girl from these idiots!

Chapter 5: Accomplice Comes Second

I should try and distract her...
I know what you're trying to say, Enju.(Enju)
​Akari is serious.(Akari)

Go save her (Akari)
Mighty energetic.(Enju)
I'm jealous...

Soul Checkpoint

We're glad to have you!
Good for you, Akari.(Akari)
Why don't you go make up with Enju?(Enju)

Chapter 6:Applicant Comes Third

What do you want to do, Akari?(Akari)
What are you going to eat, John?
Will you come with us, Enju?(Enju)

Avatar Checkpoint


You couldn't possibly...
You like it that much?
I fell in love, too.

If you respect me, then let me massage your boobs.(Enju)
No, it's thanks to you, Akari.(Akari)
It was Ricka who decided it.

Chapter 7: Getting Cloudy
Absolutely not!
It seems like I have no choice...(Akari)
Ricka, help!

...It might look good on Akari.(Akari)
It's not that I want to see it...(Enju)
Of course I wanna see it!


Soul Checkpoint

I understand how you feel, but...(Enju)
Even so, you went too far.
You should just apologize to Akari.

Chapter 8: Pieces of a Puzzle

Enju doesn't hate you.(Enju)
I'll treat you to lunch.(Akari)
John, let's do something funny!

Something homemade will express our feelings.(Akari)
What's a good place to take a girl?(Enju)
...Sushi should do.

Soul Checkpoint

I should eat, too.
I'm glad you're feeling better.(Enju)
I was worried.(Akari)

Chapter 9: Candles Lit

Don't push it too much.
I trust you, Akari!(Akari)
Go talk to Enju!(Enju)

Avatar Checkpoint


Talk to Akari (Akari)
Talk to Enju (Enju)
Talk to John

What do you think of me?
You really are kind, after all.(Enju)
Are you hiding your embarrassment?

Chapter 10: Ninja Seeking Club

This soft feeling against my back...!(Enju)
This is...incredible!!(Akari)
Not bad, not bad.

Pass the task to Ricka.
Let's go look for ninjas.(Akari)
A drinking binge, maybe?

A toast to Akari, for how busy she's been!(Akari)
A toast to Enju, for everything she's done!(Enju)
​A toast to me, for all my hard work!

Avatar Checkpoint


​Chapter 11


  1. Chapter 8 - answer 3 - Akari's is "I was worried". I already fixed it on my website, and I figured I would let you know :)