29 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date: Sengoku Darling - Kagekatsu Nagao

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for this Walkthrough! 
You can find the original post on her Website!)

Main Story

Chapter 1

I'll be fine
But, I feel bad for him
Perhaps I can help

It's entertaining
You're quite strong
​You enjoy sword fighting, don't you?

Chapter 2
Forgive me
Does it upset you?
Why not?

Why couldn't it be to you?
I'm sure he just happened by
Let's try not to startle him


Chapter 3
We're about to head inside
I feel much better now
I'm starting to feel like your little sister


No, thank you
​Your instruction is very good

Chapter 4
I don't know
Then it would be my older brother
I'm not sure how to put it-


I think it suits you
It seems quite comfortable
I'll bet someone could get lost in here

Chapter 5
Dainty little plum blossoms
Springtime cherry blossoms
I like them both

I have no choice
​I don't want to

Chapter 6
Ask if the battle is what he's worried about
Chat about a random topic
Quietly wait

No, it doesn't
I don't want to see you hurt
Sure, it pleases me. But...


Chapter 7
Continue to struggle
Admit defeat
Fault him for taking on a woman

No it's not
We've waited a long time
I thought maybe you had forgotten


Chapter's 8 - 10
Any choices beyond this point have no bearing on the story.


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