27 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] A Knight's Devotion - Haku

Main Story

 Episode 1
I can only do it with someone I love.

Episode 2
Don't tease me!
That surprised me.

Episode 3
Your lips...

Episode 4
I'm fine as long as you're here.

Episode 5
I didn't know.
It's really good.

Episode 6
I rely on you too much.
Didn't you sleep?

Episode 7
Let's do it.

Episode 8
I don't know...
Not in front of the child!

Episode 9
Be embarrassed
Just for a bit.

Episode 10
Rub his head
I'm so happy.

Episode 11
No, that's not it.

Episode 12
Call out for Haku
Let's go together.

Episode 13
I believe in you, Haku.
You suffered this whole time...

Episode 14
Thanks for saving me.
Everything's fine.

Episode 15
Haku protected me!
I want to stay with you.

Happy End


 Episode 1
Never mind.

Episode 2
Haku, of course.

Episode 3
What do you think?
I'm sad.

Episode 4
We didn't.

Episode 5
I wanted to see you.
You don't listen to me at all!

Episode 6
Look down and don't answer

Episode 7
I'm scared.

Episode 8
Please calm down!
You really held it together

Episode 9
You're back to normal.
It's difficult to be honest.

Happy End

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