April 7, 2014

[Walkthrough] In Your Arms Tonight - Ginnosuke Oguri

Main Story

I know you're right.
I got the feeling you're making fun of me.
I know but...
I was trying to be helpful.
That doesn't make me happy.
I tried to tell you.
That's not why I...
I wasn't waiting for someone to talk to me.
I guess you only realize at time like this.
It shows that I'm healthy.
Yeah, maybe.
I'm sure they'll like them.
With Ebihara's brother?
Don't be so selfish.
Of course not.
You can cook Koichi?
I don't know.
I'm not jealous, but...
You should have said so.
We're fine now.
Sorry, I'm working.
You're right.
Tell Ai to stop him.
Really, I'd like you to come with me.
I was serious.
Sit down next to him.
Ask about the charm.
What about some other time?
What do I have to resent you for?


Episode 1
I was out with people.
It would be my honor.

Episode 2
Maybe another time.
I will treasure this for life.

Episode 3
I’m sorry.
All right.

Episode 4
I was wandering the rooms.
Whatever I can do.

Episode 5
Change the subject.
Look into his eyes.

Episode 6
Stand up and talk.
No, I’m sorry.

Episode 7
Thank you.
Bow with him.

Episode 8
I don’t care.
I’ll make sure to come back.

Episode 9
I don’t hold it against him.
I’m sorry.

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