14 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Seduced in the Sleepless City - Yuzuki Kitaoji

Main Story
Episode 1
Serve some salad to Yuzuki.
May I ride there?
Episode 2
My specialty is eating.
Please bring me with you.
Episode 3
I'm a reporter covering Yuzuki.
I couldn't do that.
Episode 4
Is that right?
Stay quiet and watch Yuzuki.
Episode 5
You misunderstand.
Avert your eyes.
Episode 6
Let him insist.
Definitely dog!
Episode 7
Why are you so upset?
Episode 8
Think about Yuzuki.
Go silent.
Episode 9
Stay like that.
Episode 10
A present for someone?
Episode 11
Handle it yourself.
Don't deny it.
Episode 12
Is Yuzuki still worked up over that person?
Speak up to Yuzuki.
Episode 13
It depends on the person.
Answer the phone.
Episode 14
I can't event eat chocolate right now.
My work...
Episode 15
Peek out the window.
Return it to Satsuki yourself.
Super Happy Ending

Episode 1
I'm just shy.
Can't you stay a little longer?

Episode 2
Can we?
Yeah, that's true.

Episode 3
Of course not.
I can't say anything.

Episode 4
Yes I am.
That wasn't my intention.

Episode 5
I want to feel the afterglow of the party.
It was fun.

Episode  6
It's not anything you can use as content.
Why me?
Episode 7
I had to work late.

Episode 8
Nothing happened with him.
No, I don't.

Episode 9
Just walk up to him.
Super Happy Ending

Proposal Sequel

Episode 1
You seem happy.
Room service in an apartment?

Episode 2
When was that decided?
That’s got nothing to do with it.

Episode 3
See you later.
are those papers?

Episode 4
Go with you.
How hard I work.

Episode 5
When will that be?

Episode 6
Am I in your way?
What for!?

Episode 7
You’re the best looking one here.
Go kiss him myself.

Episode 8
I don’t mind at all.
I don’t know what to say.

Episode 9
Are you alright?
You were up?

Episode 10
Your singing has changed.
Is your motivation back?

Episode 11
I’m sorry I didn’t say anything.
We were just talking.

Happy Ending

The Heights of True Love
(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
I’m homesick!
This should blow over soon.
Episode 2
Then prove it.
We can cook together.
Episode 3
Leave it to Yuzuki
You weren’t overly chatty.
Episode 4
He was concerned.
How sweet was that!
Episode 5
What should I do?
We’d be turning our backs on everyone.
Episode 6
Shall I continue?
Hold on to Yuzuki
Episode 7
What if you used me as bait?
I’m sure he’ll understand.
Episode 8
Please, watch over us.
I’ll apologize with you.
Episode 9
Yuzuki is reliable.
Broach the topic yourself
Happy Ending

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