15 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Seduced in the Sleepless City - Mirai Kageyama

Main Story

(*Note:It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app! )

Close your eyes.
Mirai's personality.
Get mad, tell him to stop teasing.
Tell him it was great.
Don't look.
That he solves people's problems.
I was scared.
I'm okay.
Its about a guy.
I don't understand you.
Say you'll go.
I'm just worried about him.
Can I trust Mirai?
I wanted to apologize for hurting you.
Where's Fuko?
Take him up on the tea invitation.
Go if needed.
Maybe I like him.
I couldn't converse with Noel.
Gaze back.
Plug the child's ears.
Offer your hand without a word.
Tell them you'll call the police.
I'm glad I got to meet you too.
I'm lonely now that the story's done.
About drawing.
Try to get away.
I want your help.
I trust Mirai.
Is there anything I can do?


(*Note: It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)

I want to be with you forever, Mirai.
I'll make you happy too, Mirai.
Are you in any clubs, Mirai?
The way he spoke changed...?
Help him.
Would you like to use my lap as a pillow?
No, of course not.
Is there anything I can do to help?
I trust you, Mirai.
I'll always be with you.
I'll do anything you want...
Stop Mirai.
What do you want to play?
Persuade him.
I want to be with him, despite his past.
I was happy.
You're making me wanna cry, stop.
I love you.

Proposal Sequel

(*Note: It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)

You’re you.
Do what Mirai says.
Gaze back at him.
Close my eyes.
I wanted to hear your voice.
Kiss him.
Did something happen?
High school ones.
How we met.
We can touch.
How he loves children.
Gently hold his hand.
Don’t work too hard.
Is he sick?
Ask him nicely.
Embrace Mirai.
Squeeze his hand back.
Pat his head.
A heartwarming story.

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