May 23, 2014

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja - Newly Wed Challenges Spin off - Main Page

 Now your life is full of love and joy.
Enjoy your newlywed life!
After married we haven't had much time being 
alone together. Yoshitsune has been  busy, 
as usual...
On our way to Goyo's overseas hometown
for honeymoon. What lies ahead of us?
Somehow, I have a bad feeling about...
There's a rumor going around the town after
I married to Sohma...
Yoshitsune visited our new home for the first
time after Benkei and I got married. We go
on a trip for...
 Sweet newlywed life! But there is something 
you're concerned about...  At night, Enya...
Hot and thrilling! Every day is full of joy. But 
something will happen to you...
 You're living a happy life! But suddenly, 
Kazemasa says: "I need to talk to you..."
 Everything is new and challenging. One day, you have 
a letter from someone. It says...

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